Friday, March 14, 2008

More Star Wars Oddities

Here are some fun miscelanious Star Wars pics I've come accross in the last few weeks!

Take one part Sanrio and two parts Star Wars to get this Darth Vader

Boy this is one hell of a conflicted trooper!

These are the worst costumes ever but this family is so charming! It's great to see fans who are so damn into these movies!

trooper de la tormenta

Star Wars Last Supper

And this is just hilarious!

By way of Dane

And for more Star Wars craziness check out Cap'n Scurvy's blog to see what a Han Solo in carbonite desk looks like. It's super sweet!


Randal Graves said...

Holy hell, that desk rules.

Steve said...

have to love hello kitty vader

Anonymous said...

That last poster reminded me of the film Lone Star. You should see it if you haven't already.

Ben Varkentine said...

Yeah, painting Vader pink in no way makes him look like a penis. It doesn't. Not at all.

Becca said...

It does it does!

For sure! I wonder how they came up with this idea?

Tee hee hee "he makes his own sauce"

Great movie!

CREEPY! Didn't think of it til you mentioned it and now it's all I can see!!!

Scurvy said...

I'm diggin' the "ese-trooper". Very cool.