Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Classic B-Movie Posters #15: Lorna

Lorna has been married to Jim for a year, but still hasn't been satisfied sexually. While Jim is working at the salt mine, she is raped by an escaped convict, but falls in lust with him. Meanwhile Jim's buddies are giving him a hard time about Lorna's supposed infidelity, not realizing how close to the mark they really are. Trouble starts when Jim gets home early from work because it's their anniversary.

This movie has everything!


Joe said...

You're killing me with the Russ Myer stuff. I need to go back and re-watch his early movies.

M.Yu said...

Wow! those were the days of voluptuousness and real camp!

Dean Wormer said...

It's good that the movie has "unrestrained earthiness" because I had it when movies restrain that.

Becca said...

Wasn't Russ the coolest? If I were a man I would want to be like Russ (well except for the later kind of crazy years).

We need more voluptuousness today!

LOL! I wonder what unrestrained earthiness even is? I mean I've seen this film and I still have no clue :)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

She's too much for 5 men!

Unknown said...

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