Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I'm a bit behind in responding but three super bloggers Thombeau, SamuraiFrog and Pretty PJ were kind enough to give me an excellent rating! Woohoo I'm excellent!!

And as recipient of this fabulous award I get to pass on the love to ten excellent blogs I think are worth checking out!

Atomic Romance
The perfect blog for the comic book junkie! It has a pretty wicked cool banner too!

A great blog showcasing the absurdly, whimsically wonderful writings, art and photography of the super talented John.

A gold mine of pop culture goodness!!! Why just one look down the sidebar of this blog at all the picture goodness will give you a great idea of the fun you are in for as a reader of this excellent blog!

The Jade Gate
A neato blog filled with amazing erotic art and biting political commentary. You should really check this great blog out!

Kitschy Kitschy Koo
A fun journey through the last century via kitschy collectibles and the poppest of culture. A great site!

Quit Your Day Job
Pop culture goodness, comics culture and some really fantastic art work from the awesome Lee!

Doctor Who Insania
Any fan of the excellent newer seasons of Doctor Who should check out this blog. It is a must read full of great pictures, previews and EEEK! Spoilers...which I love!

Sexy Witch
The Red Witch has an amazing site dedicated to posting, disecting and discussing some of the best and most interesting witch images throughout history. Very cool one of my favorite sites for sure!

The Cushy Blog
How can you not love the blog of a guy with a wicker basket in the shape of Illinois? But seriously The Cushy Blog is lots of fun, great posts and lots of great sounds! Check the blog out to see what I mean!

Pidomon's Posts
Sometimes humorous, sometimes heartfelt and sometimes both this blog is a joy to read! There is even the occasional Monty Python video thrown in for good measure!


Steve said...

oh gawsh i'm embarrassed now.

thanks for the kind words.

And we have 2 python videos tonight.
A Song from Spamalot and a fine sketch featuring Mr. "Hilter"

Dr. Zaius said...

Congratulations! But you know, I gave you one of these back in February.

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

Thanks, Becca! What an honor!

I'll put it with my other decorations and, of course, with it link back to this post.

I think your blog is rated E as well (as well as some other letters I like)!

Becca said...

You are so welcome! Your blog rocks man! And now I will head over for some Pythony goodness!

Dr. Zaius-
Oh my gosh I'm too embarassed! I did not catch it!!! Thank you so much! That was really nice of you!

You are welcome! I have so been looking forward to all your new sound effects! I thought your sound effects quiz was really neato but I was too late to guess!

M.Yu said...

Thanks for the E!
I am going to steal one of your banners, they make me feel so at home in the Cave

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I emailed you about this (which I hope arrived safely). Like yourself, I got another one of these, too, and was going to nominate you when you got yours and nominated me (curses, drat, etc).
Thank you again


Congratulations on a well-deserved award and many thanks for passing on the love! Muchas gracias! ;)