Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Star Wars + Disney = Awesome!

Aren't these cards the coolest! I guess they are only available in the Star Tours gift shop at Disney World but they are so cute I'd make the trip just to pick a set up. Chip and Dale as Ewoks? Classic!


Mayren said...

omg! this is fantabulous! I want these. Someone should buy a bunch and resell them on Ebay!

Captain Incredible said...

'Darth Goofy' - you have to love it...

And Stitch as Yoda - come to think of it, that could work...

Anonymous said...

As Minnie is Leia, shouldn't Mickey be Han Solo?!

Ben Varkentine said...

Goofy couldn't do a worse job than Hayden Christensen.

mothpete said...

Haha... yep, somebody should tell Minnie and Mickey the secret before it's too late, although, mice are usually inbred.

I want to see Minnie in the slave girl outfit.

Where's Pluto. I suppose Pluto is for this galaxy and not one far far away.

Steve said...

very cool

Becca said...

I know they would make a mint! These really rock!

Oh I so want to hear Stitch say "Do or do not there is no try".

Eeek! Why didn't Disney think of that? Man that's creepy. Incestuous mice on playing cards...nice!

Go to YouTube and look for the video Star Wars Attack of the Clones in 5 seconds, it's great fun at Hayden's expense!

Minnie in the slave girl outfit would be cute...but for some reason I want to see Daisy in the slave girl costume. Doesn't Daisy seem sluttier for some reason?

Too cool!!!

Ben Varkentine said...

The bloopers are even more fun...

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