Friday, April 11, 2008

Uwe Bolle Responds to the Petition

Uwe Bolle hack director extraordinaire recently said if a million people signed a petition asking him to stop making movies he would. Last time I checked the petition a couple of days ago they were over 100,000. Go here if you need a good laugh to watch this, his video response.

While I appreciate the man's honesty...and he is bluntly a hilarious and almost refreshing degree...dude you are Uwe Bolle, and you are a sucky, sucky filmmaker, spare us all from another Bloodrayne or Alone in the Dark and just stop. If you want to read more about the petition check out MC's blog.


Anonymous said...

I don't know, I think it's important to have a high-profile extremely bad director making movies. Someone has to take Roger Corman's crown. Or put on Ed Wood's stockings.

Becca said...

I guess it's just that on some level I can really appreciate the films of Corman or Wood but no matter how hard I try...and you are talking to someone who thought Bloodrayne looked so good, bad that I wanted to see it in the theater...I can't enjoy Bolle's movies. They are just boring. They shouldn't be!!! But I think they are.

MC said...

See, with Ed Wood, he LOVED movies, and he tried, he really did. With Boll, I don't think he is trying to make the best movie he can, and that is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, the thing is - I really dig Uwe.

Yes, some of his films are bad - but some of them are so bad that they are genius!

About the video (along with other "stunts" he's pulled) - I honestly believe that he's playing a "character" to get people riled up... like Eminem or Marilyn Manson.

Joe said...

What would be even better is if he promised to quit only if the 1,000,000 signers picked their ten best boxers and Uwe was defeated by one of them.

Dean Wormer said...

I have to sign that petition.

Of course the box office is the ultimate petition and obviously he does okay there or Hollywood would have none of him.

MC said...

Hollywood doesn't fund his films. German investors do... and they don't make a profit, but they do get to write off the investments on their taxes and get full value back.

Becca said...

Hit the nail on the head there!

He's a fab character I love to read about his silly exploits even if I can't get into his films.

LOL! I'd pay to see that! Maybe that should be his next film!

The more the merrier...literally!

Another great point! I never thought of it that way but I'm sure it's true.

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