Sunday, May 25, 2008

Come Aboard the Starship Intercourse!

Super cool vintage paperback covers!


Adam Ross said...

Hilarious! Looks like Odd John's gaze could burn through that unlucky lass' skin.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

I hear that Passion Sauce works really well on peaches, and, to a lesser extent, ice cream.

puddy said...

mmmm... passion sauce.

on the other hand... gross.

Bradda said...

"On a world older that time, built upon dope and vice...", that reminds me of growing up in Florida. Strange place.

Joe said...

Oh yeah...those vintage paperbacks give me a special feeling

PJ said...

Love the guy in the first cover being womanhandled by those 3 amazons.

Odd John looks monstrous! I love the way that the woman's modesty is covered by those bits of wood.

Mob said...

I heard a restaurant got sued because disgruntled cooks were adding passion sauce to everything in the kitchen.

But that may've been an urban legend.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Also: I love the title 'Odd John'. He's not Psycho John or Seriously Unhinged John, he's just Odd. I can just picture the dialogue now:

"Who's that over there?"
"That? Oh, that's John."
"What's wrong with him?"
"With John? Oh...he's just...he's just odd."
"Odd John? I see."

Becca said...

She better put some SPF 50 on!

It also makes a fabulious silver polish!


Hmmm remind me never to visit Florida again :)

I bet there's an afterschool special to help you with that...

I know! He looks so freaked out!

And as for the naughty bits covered by wood I think that's maybe a bit or a pictorial euphimism.

There was a local urban legend where I grew up that someone had walked in and seen a Little Caesars employee adding his passion sauce to the dough. Not sure I ate there after hearing that story.


Dr. Zaius said...

Ha! These are great! You have to be careful, though. (You might get space cooties!)

Swinebread said...

that's my my kinda scifi

Scot said...

That Sin in Space cover art just screams "early 1960s," with the Mercury/Gemini-helmeted astronaut and the girl who looks like an Ann-Margret clone.