Sunday, May 04, 2008

Glynis Johns

Some gorgeous pictures of the amazing actress!


Distributorcap said...

i can only think of her as the mother in Mary Poppins

battlemaiden said...

I second that. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

Didn't she play Miranda, the mermaid?

She really was gorgeous, wasn't she?

Splotchy said...

I know this sounds a little strange (and also awfully dirty), but I thought the fish lips were her ass cheeks in that first picture of her.

Becca said...

I always remember her best from The Court Jester...either way she's such a wonderful actress!

Yeah she always shows up when i least expect her but I'm always excited to watch her at work!

I think she fact I'm pretty sure the bottom two pictures are her as Miranda but I've never seen it. So gorgeous and what a cute voice!

Me too! I even pointed that out to SamuraiFrog before I posted the picture. But I thought it was too cute a picture not to put up.

What's that they say about great minds thinking alike? said...

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