Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Some Recent Drawings!

Sigh Zombie Love Story...

And Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

This drawing is actually based on a Wonder Woman cover, this one to be exact:


Scurvy said...

I'm loving that zombie pic!

Steve said...

someone at work has a spinning wheel with WWZD on it
What would a zombie do.

Every you can land is "EAT BRAINS"

and as usual a great WW drawing

Unknown said...


Arkonbey said...

Steve was a desk jockey, so Diana would always have to carry HIM.

And the zombie pic is great. Do you think she goes out with him because it's nice to finally find a boy who loves her for her mind?

Randal Graves said...

Yay for zombies!

Swinebread said...

You've done it again Becca!

I can't wait for your Zombie WW match up!

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

I like these embiggenedly. The first one reminds me of a film, I think it's Return of the Living Dead Part 2. One of the characters turns into a zombie and chases his girlfriend into a church. She falls down and he looks at her pleadingly, saying, "But I only want to eat your brains!" The girl, full of fear just seconds previously, is swayed by this brilliant argument and shifts her hair aside so her beloved can have a better route to her cranium.

Kal Zakath said...

I love zombie films but at the first picture you only have to replace brains for beer and it would be the usually evening home scene, good picture!

Timothy Donavan Russell said...

Great stuff, Becca.

I love that he's a smart zombie, eating the healthy and slightly less psychotic alternative to brains, and she apparently loves him for that. I like the hearts background a lot, too, but I'm always a sucker for that shape.

As for the Wonder Woman/Steve Trevor pic, what a fabulous inversion with gender politics! And a cute picture to boot! I love it.

Undead Film Critic said...

Zombie Love Story is pure gold. If my heart was still beating, it would melt.

Becca said...

Thank you!

That is so great! It bet it provides hours of fun! Or at least it would for me :)

Thank you!

LOL! Yeah always seems like Diana's getting Steve's ass out of trouble.

Two for two had me cracking up for minutes after that comment! I may have to change the title of this drawing to loves her for her mind!

You can never have too many zombies...oh wait or can you?

Oh thank you!

And WW vs zombie it would be the throwdown to end all throwdowns!

Oh you used the word embiggen! I don't think I've seen part 2 but that sounds like a great scene. I've seen 3 like a ton but have been meaning to revisit the others.

You usually can't go wrong with zombie flicks!

Sounds like the perfect night at home :)

Gee thanks!

I wasn't sure about the hearts so it's nice to hear you like them! Honestly the more I look at them though the more I love them.

Awwww thanks!

Arkonbey said...

Pidimon: your zombie spinner cracked me up and reminded me of this: The best zombie card game ever invented .

A game can last 2 minutes or two hours.

Anonymous said...

Becca - I want that Zombie pic. Here. At home.