Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spidey Has a Secret...

Wonder what it is?


Ben Varkentine said...

"That's not your golden lasso...but don't stop."

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

"Something's tingling, and it ain't my Spidey sense..."

Steve said...

"Lois Lane got nuttin on you"

Bradda said...

"Ever had your insides turned to liquid?"

Anonymous said...

"How's about a Marvel Team-Up?"

Arkonbey said...

Curse you Dane! I was totally gonna say: "How about a cross-over, good lookin'"!

Jerk ;)

Now I'll just have to make a vague reference about webbing and light bondage.

Anonymous said...

"Want to see another of my amazing friends?"

A bit of an obscure reference there, depending on how old you are & what cartoons you watched on TV!

Scurvy said...

Webs ain't the only thing I shoot.

Becca said...

Oh my god! Oh my god! These are all so funny! It was just such a great picture pregnant with possibilty and I'm glad everyone ran with it! I think my favorite line...if I had to pick one is definitely Dane's Marvel Team-up line! So funny!

Unknown said...

SPIDERMAN: "if we do it in the cockpit of your invisible jet, then it will look like we're just having sex in mid air."

WONDER WOMAN: "Ohh..Spidey, you're such a sweet talker..."

Anonymous said...

Oh oh, Batman's got trouble. not hat I didn't see this coming. Spider-man's getting so full of himself ever since his 3 BO wins. I hear that Iron man is starting to get ideas about Black Canary now!

BTW regarding your earlier Erin Esurance post, head on over to, and do an Erin esearch! That chick is certainly shakin' folks cola up!

Unknown said...

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