Thursday, May 29, 2008

Star Trek Cheesecake

TOS Cheesecake!


Distributorcap said...

isnt that sally kellerman?

Steve said...

hmm cheescake

Anonymous said...

#3 is Yvonne Craig, also known as Batgirl, from the 60s show Batman.

PJ said...

That first woman is gorgeous, yum.

Arkonbey said...

Hotties all!

But what about Teri Garr?

The fifth picture are the "I am for you" girls, right?

Dean Wormer said...

Yvonne Craig.


I'll be in my bunk.

Anonymous said...

Man it's been 4ever since I've watched TOS. Arkonbey, #5 is from an episode that I think was titled "Mudd's Women".

Arkonbey said...

Den: ah. Harcort Fenton Mudd.

It was the strange vacant tilted-head look of the brunette that got me.

So, 4ever isn't long enough for you to forget, eh?

Scurvy said...

Uhura was beautiful and rarely gets the credit she desverves for being a major babe of the time.

Lets hear it for go go boots and mini skirts. Yay!!

Anonymous said...

Arkonbey: LOL, I guess not, but it is long enough for me to have forgotten the name Harcort.

Ditto to Scurvy on Uhura the babe, boots & mini skirts!

Anonymous said...

As I'm sure many will already know, the woman in the last picture is both Deanna Troi's mum & Mrs. Gene Roddenberry.

Scurvy said...

and the voice of the computer.

Scurvy said...

and oh yeah...

What? No picture of Yeoman Janice Rand??? I am appaled. That hair....

Arkonbey said...

adam: and she as also the Centauri dowager empress on B5.

I am such a flippin' nerd.

Scurvy: How could we forget yeoman Rand?! The other hottie in the red mini-dress and black boots.

Becca said...

It is! It is! Never looking better!

Tee hee hee... yeah...

Old Nick-
God Yvonne Craig was so beautiful! I think the Orion slave girl is possibly the most iconic fanboy sex symbol. Gosh, Batgirl and green slave girl! The perfect woman!

So gorgeous it makes me wish she had been on more than one episode!

I did miss Terri Garr and Joan Collins! I will be doing a second TOS Cheesecake post this week! And yes as Den says those are indeed Mudd's women.

So perfect!

I've been catching alot of TOS lately, after the recent remastering the episodes just look so damn good! Shame about all the added CGI though.

Fen-ton! I always think of Mudd's wife screaming Fen-Ton!

So beautiful! I wish she had gotten more acting opportunities over the years! Have you read her biography? Really great! Did you know she dated Gene Roddenberry? I guess it was around the same time he dated Majel Roddenberry. Lucky man.

Mudd is such a memorable character! Between him and Tralaine (I'm not sure if I spelled that right) :)

Adam & Scurvy & Arkonbey-
Yes she is the coolest!

And I swear I didn't forget Rand! Grr! Somehow that picture didn't load and I didn't notice until just now!!!

I am planning on doing a second TOS Cheesecake post so I'll put it up then.

Anonymous said...

Scurvy: I was going to mention the voice of the computer, but wasn't sure if she did that on every Trek series or just on Next Generation.

Arkonbey: I couldn't get into Babylon 5 at all. It always looked to me like a low budget DS9.

Arkonbey said...

Adam: The funny thing is that the guy who wrote Bab 5 pitched the idea to Paramount, but it was rejected. Then DS9 appeared. Hmmmm.

What I find most interesting, is the symbiont idea was a simple on-episode deal in B5, but the DS9 writers decided to use it to make Dax.

The budget was definitely smaller, but they didn't have the giant studio behind it. B5 is good if you watch the second season first and ignore everything after the 4th season altogether.

Swinebread said...

Yes Yes yes! This is why I watched Star Trek

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