Monday, June 30, 2008

Great Stuff!

The great thing about going to these conventions is meeting your favorite creators and discovering new books and exciting artists! Here's a bit of cool stuff I'd like to share with you all!

There is a great series of wordless graphic novels called Owly about the adventures of a cartoon Owl and his friends that I have been collecting for the last couple of years. The fourth volume came out pretty recently and I was not only able to pick it up at the Top Shelf booth but got to meet it's creator Andy Runton. Very cooly he signed it and drew a little Owly sketch inside the cover as seen below, I'm really looking forward to reading it!

This was fate. I have recently started to commission versions of Barbarella from artists I really like and decided to get one drawn this weekend. I looked around all the artist tables and finally found a very impressive artist Bill Halliar to draw the psychedellic space queen. Of course how many people have seen this epic space drama so I asked if he was doing commissions and if he knew who she was, he said yes, and then pulled a Barbarella portrait out of a stack of papers. It was fate, apparently he had just finished drawing her. I bought it and the picture now hangs in a special place on the wall. Here she is:

For more cool art check out his site, lots of fun Cthulu and Lovecrafty drawings.

Chad Spilker is someone whose stuff I had seen for sale in the famous Bud Plant amazing catalogue so I was really excited to see he was at the convention and finally get a chance to look at it up close. Chad has a real gift for bring sexy women to life on the page! Anyone who likes modern pin-up art should check his stuff out! There's even a few pics of Deja Thoris from Princess of Mars in the Book of Booty. Very cool!

I also met Michael Gordon (whose blog I can't for some reason pull up right now to link) who wrote a very neato looking book about America's first female superheroine the very stylish Invisible Scarlet O'Neil. Any fan of those great old comic strips from the 30's and 40's should check it out, it's full of lots of information and photos about her creation and the run of the stip. At least check out the website, which I linked above. It's great stuff!

Last year a very cool looking graphic novel appeared in the store called Mouse Guard Fall 1152 about a group of mice soldiers who protect their mouse society with their mini mouse-sized swords and capes. I have been meaning to read it but haven't had a chance to pick it up til this weekend when I picked it up at the creator and artist David Petersen's table. He drew a little mouse on the inside cover, very sweet!

Finally on the advice of someone who had requested a piece of comissioned art from me I checked out the first issue of a comic called No Gods created and written by Dustin Carson. It's an interesting concept, almost hard to explain, it's about a clone of Jesus Christ living in a chaotic world of graphic sex, graphic violence and crazed superheores. It's not preachy (at least not so far, I'm 4 issues in) and the stories in each issue just have a way of pulling you in. I wish this guy had a website so anyone who wanted to check the book out could get a taste but unfortunately all I have is Dustin's email address I'm sure he could explain the concept a bit better than I have if anyone is interested.

Wizard World Chicago 2008! (AKA I'm back to regular posting)

The 2008 Wizard World Chicago convention has ended and now it's back to regular posting as well as the other projects I've been working on...a few of them are still hush, hush for now but promise to tell you about them when the time is right!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to visit! It was really great to meet some of the great folks whom I know/ know me through this blog! Also a special thanks to everyone who couldn't make it but sent their support via email and comment! It was great to have all that positive support backing me up!

Now as promised here are some of the bunches of pictures SamuraiFrog and I took!

The Incredible Hulk welcomes you to the convention, no flash photography please. It makes him angry and you wouldn't like him angry.

Freezing at the table on Friday. Luckily my table was just beneath an air conditioning vent. At one point over the weekend my hands were so cold they were getting stiff. I actually had to wear a sweatshirt on Saturday and Sunday!

Catwoman and Mary Marvel

Clark Kent, I saw him dressed as Superman later in the afternoon. Too funny!

There were so many great tattoos I saw over the weekend (Fiver from Watership Down, Oz themed, lots of pin-ups), I wish I got more pictures! But this was my favorite, the amazingly beautiful Dita Von Teese! This gent also had a tattoo of Morrissey, how cool is that!

Some amazing Egytian themed costumes!

Elektra and Zatana

Writer of the Super Hip Girls comic John stops by for a visit!

Indiana Jones and his son!

BEST T-SHIRT EVER!!! Klaus Kinski rocks!

I took this picture because I thought the pink haired woman was amazingly beautiful. I later found out that these two are Kynt and Vyxsin from The Amazing Race 12.

Leeloo from The Fifth Element! Too cool!!!

I want to play this video game! Link and Edward Scissorhands buddy up for a picture.

Nancy from Sin City

The gorgeous Poison Ivy.

Some of the more excellent Star Wars costumes from the weekend. There were also plenty of Jedi, lots of Troopers and a few Leias. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of an older gent dressed perfectly as Obi Wan Kenobi real beard, hair and all. Upon telling him how great his costume was he answered "May the force be with you my child" in a perfect Alec Guinness accent. Too perfect!!!

Supergirl, she was walking around with Spiderman most of the weekend but I caught her on her own.



Yivo from the new Futurama movie The Beast with a Billion Backs waves goodbye as we make our way home!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's here! It's here!

Well after the long wait and all the preperations the Wizard World Chicago Comic Book convention 2008 is finally happening this weeked June 26-29th! So if you are in town stop by and see me! You can find me at table 3814 in the Artist's Alley, it'll be the one with the big dinosaur toy and the girl with the pink hair.

As I did last year I will be selling original art and commissions ranging in price from $10-$20 each. But this year I will also be selling a brand new TV themed mini-sketchbook called The Couch Potato Sketchbook:

I will also be selling copies of my very first comic book project called The Super Hip Kick Ass, But in a Totally, Like, Non-Violent Weah Yeah? Super Power Girl Gang! Written by the super talented John Hulme. It's the story of 4 ordinary science students who have been transformed into super heriones after an experiment gone wrong. It's cute, it's fun and I think it turned out pretty great. Here's the cover:

So I hope to see you there but if you can't make it and want to order a drawing or one of the books just drop me an email at

I promise to take lots of pictures and share them when I get back!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guess That Movie Quote: Week 45

SamuraiFrog, here for the last time, I believe, with another quote quiz. This week, all of the movies have a pretty obvious connection because, well, I'm really not that creative.

Becca's rules:
If you know or think you know the source of the movie quote please leave your guess in the comments section. As people guess the source of the quote I will grey it out and give them credit (using google to find the answers will disqualify you), the person who has the most correct guesses each week will get a fun movie genius award to decorate their blog. Any person who wins 5 weeks (consecutive or non-consecutive) will earn a Movie Master award and must then refrain from guessing for 5 weeks but a master can email quote suggestions for the game.

Flame On!

1. "On my planet, we don't say die, we say kill!"

2. "Is that your gift? Putting up with that guy?" Splotchy

3. "They tortured me almost to death, and then let me heal in a vat of blood so they could go at it again. Sorry sons of bitches could've at least fixed my damn leg while they were at it."

4. "You don't trust anyone, that's your problem." "I trust my barber." Splotchy

5. "For your sake, I hope justice is found in here today... before justice finds you."

6. "Put the knives down!" "I can't." Splotchy

7. "Even now I can feel it, buried somewhere deep inside, watching me, waiting... But you know what scares me the most? When I can't fight it anymore, when it takes over, when I totally lose control... I like it." Splotchy

8. "You killed my father." "There are bigger things happening here than me and you." Splotchy

9. "Yeah, but you see that's your problem. You always think but you never act! What if we got these powers for a reason? What if it's some higher calling?" "Some higher calling? Like getting girls and making money?" "Is there any higher?" Splotchy

10. "Is it better to be feared or respected? I say, is it too much to ask for both?" J.D.

Obvious bonus point: What's the common thread here? Mob

Whoa! That Splotchy really swept this quiz! Way to go Splotchy you've really proved your Marvel movie know how! That means this is Splotchy's fourth win! Only one more to go and he'll earn that coveted Movie Master award! Pick up this week's award below:

Starting with next week's quote quiz I should get back to regular posting. I wanted to take this oportunity though to thank SamuraiFrog for all his guest posting help! It's really meant alot and I am eternally grateful! Of course that means he'll be back to guessing next week so...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Bruce Campbell!

It's Bruce Campbell's 50th birthday! And to celebrate the coolest man allive's special day here are 5 facts you may or may not have known about him.

1. He once worked as a security guard at a beer brewery.

2. He won the audition for the lead role in The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. by grabbing the back of his shirt collar and flipping himself. He then had to repeat the trick at every callback, totaling about 5 or 6 flips!.

3. Screen-tested for the lead role in The Phantom. He would have made a fab Phantom! As if you couldn't tell from the name of the blog I'm actually quite a fan of the 1996 film. He also auditioned for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman Forever. Thank god he didn't get that one.

4. He is the second cousin of actor, Bill Campbell.

5. He is considered to be the best "Reverse Actor" in Hollywood. Now that's talent!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Becca here again!

So preparations are still underway for the comic convention...I have no idea what I'll do with my life once this is over :)

But I thought I would share some more recent drawings!

Mario Comic

Hey, hey, hey!

Gilligan's Island

Oh by the way if you've ever wanted to own a t-shirt with some fun Becca art on it check out my brand spanking new Cafe Press page. Very cool stuff!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Guess That Movie Quote: Week 44

SamuraiFrog here again; still doing the quote quiz. I guess last week's didn't go over too badly (congratulations, MC), so I'm back to fill in for Becca once more. This one's all over the place, but it's what leapt to mind.

Her rules:
If you know or think you know the source of the movie quote please leave your guess in the comments section. As people guess the source of the quote I will grey it out and give them credit (using google to find the answers will disqualify you), the person who has the most correct guesses each week will get a fun movie genius award to decorate their blog. Any person who wins 5 weeks (consecutive or non-consecutive) will earn a Movie Master award and must then refrain from guessing for 5 weeks but a master can email quote suggestions for the game.

S'alright? S'alright.

1. "You see, when it comes to words like that, an illiterate person..." "Whaddaya mean 'illiterate'? My father and mother were married right here in the city hall!"

2. "Oh Jerry, don't let's ask for the moon. We have the stars." (J.D.)

3. "Back home everyone said I didn't have any talent. They might be saying the same thing over here, but it sounds better in French." (The Dancing Astrophysicist)

4. "Big city, hmm? Live. Work, huh? But. Only peoples. Peoples is peoples. No is buildings. Is tomatoes, huh? Is peoples, is dancing, is music, is potatoes. So, peoples is peoples. Okay?"

5. "No tears, please. It's a waste of good suffering." (Arkonbey)

6. "This is my family. I found it, all on my own. Is little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good." (Jaquandor)

7. "Ow! My robot balls!"

8. "He says the sun came out last night. He says it sang to him." (Jaquandor)

9. "You have muddled everything from the start, taking that child with you from Marrakesh. Don't you realize that Americans dislike having their children stolen?" (Captain Incredible)

10. "Don't take that tone with me, young man. I fought the war for your sort." "I bet you're sorry you won." (The Imaginary Reviewer)

**Update from Becca*
Okay as official Movie Quote Quiz referee I'm going to step in here and make a call. For at least 3 weeks in a row JMC-VA has stepped in at the end of a quiz and been able to come up with the answers to any remaining sometimes very obscure quotes. While I am willing to believe this was possible for one or two weeks in a row, three weeks seems a bit too much of a coincidence and I think perhaps JMC-VA has been using google to get the answers. If I am wrong JMC-VA let me know and I will apologize but...

So considering the above this week's winner is the awesome man in the overalls Jaquandor! Way to go you movie genius you! You may collect your reward below:

And for his indomitable spirt the award for most consecutive weeks without a correct guess goes to our very own Rudy, Pidomon. Keep on trying man you are bound to get one soon!

Friday, June 13, 2008

By request...

Enjoy:It's my first attempt at a calender, so be gentile with the criticism.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Becca here...

Okay said I'd be do a post here and there and that's what I'm doing! Preparations are going well I finished work on my mini-comic tonight and I'll be onto the next thing tomorrow! I promise once printing options are finalized to do a post with pictures from the book and the cover, which I am very fond of!

Until then here are a few drawings I've done in the last couple of days. Hope you enjoy!

Here is a poor scan of a pencil sketch of The Venture Brothers! The reast of the drawing isn't complete yet but I love the way Doc Venture turned out!

Wonder Woman and Supergirl getting a bit friendly!

I've been rewatching The Beatles movies this week and this just popped out.

Oh and I also wanted to thank SamuraiFrog and Ahenobarbus for their super terrific posts! Thanks for everything! I cannot even express how grateful I am and how helpful this has been!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Guess That Movie Quote: Week 43

SamuraiFrog here. Since Becca's so busy with photo projects and comic projects and getting ready for WizardWorld, she's asked me to keep the quote quiz alive. And I've reluctantly agreed, even though that means I won't be winning this for the next few weeks. Grr... way to ingratiate myself, by the way, right?

I hope I do an alright job on this. I run a lyrics quiz every week on my own blog, and sometimes it seems my own tastes are too obscure for people (well, for the five or so people who ever guess on it, anyway).

So, here are Becca's rules:
If you know or think you know the source of the movie quote please leave your guess in the comments section. As people guess the source of the quote I will grey it out and give them credit (using google to find the answers will disqualify you), the person who has the most correct guesses each week will get a fun movie genius award to decorate their blog. Any person who wins 5 weeks (consecutive or non-consecutive) will earn a Movie Master award and must then refrain from guessing for 5 weeks but a master can email quote suggestions for the game.

Let's go!

1. "Well, Colonel, all I can say is... you can't have your cake and shoot it, too." (jmc_va)

2. "In a world where carpenters get resurrected, everything is possible." (MC)

3. "Hey, hey, hey. Don't be mean. We don't have to be mean because, remember, no matter where you go, there you are." (Devilham)

4. "Ok ladies it's time for the gratuitous nudity. You supply the nudity, and we supply the gratuity." (jmc_va)

5. "I'm a Derek. Dereks don't run." (The Imaginary Reviewer)

6. "They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time." (Splotchy)

7. "Well, the Pope may be French, but Jesus is English! You're on!" (MC)

8. "Yeah, little bit of pain never hurt anybody. If you know what I mean. Also, I think knives are a good idea. Big, fuck-off shiny ones. Ones that look like they could skin a crocodile. Knives are good, because they don't make any noise, and the less noise they make, the more likely we are to use them. Shit 'em right up. Makes it look like we're serious. Guns for show, knives for a pro." (MC)

9. "I find everyone's pain amusing, except my own... I'm French!" (jmc_va)

10. "Lie to no one. If they're somebody close to you, you'll ruin it with a lie. If they're a stranger, who the fuck are they you gotta lie to them?" (MC)

Okay, MC is this week's winner, and well done, sir. Becca will be along today to put up an award. I hope this week wasn't too painful, and I'll see you again with this next Tuesday!

and here MC is your award!

Monday, June 09, 2008

I am Ahenobarbus


Becca has allowed me the privilege of entertaining you while she's away. My main pastime is fooling with photoshop. One of the things I love about this blog, and one of the reasons I'm so honored to be able to post here, is it's examination of pop culture and the female image. So without further ado I'll present a sample of my works:

In the coming weeks I hope to cover some bases on where to find great source material for creating these kinds of images--the viewing of which is pleasurable in it's own right--and to further expound the virtues of my guiding principles.

Thank you for your attention.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

In the home stretch....

As many of you already know I'm going to be selling some of my art stuffs at this year's Wizard World Chicago comic book convention and I am working on a last minute addition to my wares, a mini-comic book written by the fabulously talented John over at Matterings, and I have also taken on a very cool photography project that I will talk up much more once it's ready to be presented.

What this all means is that I won't have a ton of time to devote to my blog for like the next 3 or so weeks. I will continue to occasionally do a post here and there and movie genius SamuraiFrog from Electronic Cerebrectomy has agreed to lend a hand by guest posting the Movie Quote Quiz for a few weeks. Very cool! Thank you Froggy!

In any case I'll be back to regular posting in July so don't give up on me there's more fun to come!

Star Trek Cheesecake part 2

More TOS Cheesecake!