Monday, June 30, 2008

Great Stuff!

The great thing about going to these conventions is meeting your favorite creators and discovering new books and exciting artists! Here's a bit of cool stuff I'd like to share with you all!

There is a great series of wordless graphic novels called Owly about the adventures of a cartoon Owl and his friends that I have been collecting for the last couple of years. The fourth volume came out pretty recently and I was not only able to pick it up at the Top Shelf booth but got to meet it's creator Andy Runton. Very cooly he signed it and drew a little Owly sketch inside the cover as seen below, I'm really looking forward to reading it!

This was fate. I have recently started to commission versions of Barbarella from artists I really like and decided to get one drawn this weekend. I looked around all the artist tables and finally found a very impressive artist Bill Halliar to draw the psychedellic space queen. Of course how many people have seen this epic space drama so I asked if he was doing commissions and if he knew who she was, he said yes, and then pulled a Barbarella portrait out of a stack of papers. It was fate, apparently he had just finished drawing her. I bought it and the picture now hangs in a special place on the wall. Here she is:

For more cool art check out his site, lots of fun Cthulu and Lovecrafty drawings.

Chad Spilker is someone whose stuff I had seen for sale in the famous Bud Plant amazing catalogue so I was really excited to see he was at the convention and finally get a chance to look at it up close. Chad has a real gift for bring sexy women to life on the page! Anyone who likes modern pin-up art should check his stuff out! There's even a few pics of Deja Thoris from Princess of Mars in the Book of Booty. Very cool!

I also met Michael Gordon (whose blog I can't for some reason pull up right now to link) who wrote a very neato looking book about America's first female superheroine the very stylish Invisible Scarlet O'Neil. Any fan of those great old comic strips from the 30's and 40's should check it out, it's full of lots of information and photos about her creation and the run of the stip. At least check out the website, which I linked above. It's great stuff!

Last year a very cool looking graphic novel appeared in the store called Mouse Guard Fall 1152 about a group of mice soldiers who protect their mouse society with their mini mouse-sized swords and capes. I have been meaning to read it but haven't had a chance to pick it up til this weekend when I picked it up at the creator and artist David Petersen's table. He drew a little mouse on the inside cover, very sweet!

Finally on the advice of someone who had requested a piece of comissioned art from me I checked out the first issue of a comic called No Gods created and written by Dustin Carson. It's an interesting concept, almost hard to explain, it's about a clone of Jesus Christ living in a chaotic world of graphic sex, graphic violence and crazed superheores. It's not preachy (at least not so far, I'm 4 issues in) and the stories in each issue just have a way of pulling you in. I wish this guy had a website so anyone who wanted to check the book out could get a taste but unfortunately all I have is Dustin's email address I'm sure he could explain the concept a bit better than I have if anyone is interested.


Randal Graves said...

The Book of Booty? That should be bigger than Clancy!

M.Yu said...

You are right at home with all these talented artists. It is where you should be!

Steve said...

wow sounds like you got some great stuff

oh and second what m.yu said :)

Becca said...

It should be bigger than Clancy! I want giant window banner ads for The Book of Booty now that would be great!

M. Yu-
Aww you are too kind!

Glad to share! And thank you again!

Swinebread said...

I hadn't heard of Atlantis Studios thanks for the link!

I've been thing of getting mouse guard too
I hope you can do a review at some point.

Thanks for the report!

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