Thursday, June 05, 2008

Star Trek Cheesecake part 2

More TOS Cheesecake!


Scurvy said...

Oooh! THe torn tunic from "Shore Leave"!

Of course she ruined the whole effect by putting on the princess dress complete with head dress, but hey...

And I spy Mrs. Spock as well. :)

Arkonbey said...

Scurvy: whatcho got against princess dresses anyhoo?

The real question is why do I find her expression so sexy for some reason? Am I disturbed.

Also, is that last image Spock's mom? interplanetary MILF?

Scurvy said...

whoops, I meant mrs. Sarek.

Nothing against princess dresses, but the flowy dunce cap realy killed the look for me. LOL!

M.Yu said...

I love the ravaged security uniform on the next to last one.
Looks like she escaped the fate of the usual Redshirt


Swinebread said...

Julie Newmar in the last episode got me into pregger

Becca said...

One of my favorite episodes of all time! It's nice to see McCoy get some every once and awhile.

And yes how could I not include the woman that gave us Mr. Spock! She's a space age MILF.

The dress was a bit over-stereotypical which I guess fit the episode.

Oh and yes a super space aged MILF...

I think she only survived cause she was a girl, no death for this redshirt...this time...

Julie Newmar no matter how hard she tries just can't not be sexy. She is soooo amazing!

Dr. Zaius said...

Cheesecake? Two slices, please!

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