Monday, June 30, 2008

Wizard World Chicago 2008! (AKA I'm back to regular posting)

The 2008 Wizard World Chicago convention has ended and now it's back to regular posting as well as the other projects I've been working on...a few of them are still hush, hush for now but promise to tell you about them when the time is right!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to visit! It was really great to meet some of the great folks whom I know/ know me through this blog! Also a special thanks to everyone who couldn't make it but sent their support via email and comment! It was great to have all that positive support backing me up!

Now as promised here are some of the bunches of pictures SamuraiFrog and I took!

The Incredible Hulk welcomes you to the convention, no flash photography please. It makes him angry and you wouldn't like him angry.

Freezing at the table on Friday. Luckily my table was just beneath an air conditioning vent. At one point over the weekend my hands were so cold they were getting stiff. I actually had to wear a sweatshirt on Saturday and Sunday!

Catwoman and Mary Marvel

Clark Kent, I saw him dressed as Superman later in the afternoon. Too funny!

There were so many great tattoos I saw over the weekend (Fiver from Watership Down, Oz themed, lots of pin-ups), I wish I got more pictures! But this was my favorite, the amazingly beautiful Dita Von Teese! This gent also had a tattoo of Morrissey, how cool is that!

Some amazing Egytian themed costumes!

Elektra and Zatana

Writer of the Super Hip Girls comic John stops by for a visit!

Indiana Jones and his son!

BEST T-SHIRT EVER!!! Klaus Kinski rocks!

I took this picture because I thought the pink haired woman was amazingly beautiful. I later found out that these two are Kynt and Vyxsin from The Amazing Race 12.

Leeloo from The Fifth Element! Too cool!!!

I want to play this video game! Link and Edward Scissorhands buddy up for a picture.

Nancy from Sin City

The gorgeous Poison Ivy.

Some of the more excellent Star Wars costumes from the weekend. There were also plenty of Jedi, lots of Troopers and a few Leias. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of an older gent dressed perfectly as Obi Wan Kenobi real beard, hair and all. Upon telling him how great his costume was he answered "May the force be with you my child" in a perfect Alec Guinness accent. Too perfect!!!

Supergirl, she was walking around with Spiderman most of the weekend but I caught her on her own.



Yivo from the new Futurama movie The Beast with a Billion Backs waves goodbye as we make our way home!


Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a barrel of fun!

Randal Graves said...

Oh man, that Kinski shirt is great! I understand that when a convention takes place in the summer they have to turn the AC up a bit higher, but the last few I've been to, they're always far too cold.

I still think it's a trial run for frozen soylent green.

MC said...

It looked like a great time... aside from the cold that is. Great stuff.

Arkonbey said...

That looked like a blast!

Dark Mary Marvel is like, what 7' tall? and looking like one of your drawings. The face of the dad off of her right shoulder is priceless.

I want one of those Kinksi shirts! Oh, the horror of being forced to watch Aguirre: Wrath of God in Western Civ.

Steve said...

love the pics

Becca said...

Fun as a barrel of monkeys!

Yes! That Kinski shirt is too cool! If Kinski had been there he would have jumped on the table and started shouting german obscenities about how cold it was. He may have even jumped to the vents and started pulling them down with his own crazed force!

I want a pet Kinski.

It really was a great time!

Blast and a half! And yes that Mary Marvel was Amazonian!

Thanks! Glad to share the fun!

Joe said...

Wow! That looked like fun. And none of those people were dripping blood, or had avulsion eyeball injuries like the pics I saw from Flashback.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing them.

Captain Incredible said...

Could have sworn I left a comment here...

Something about how "Catwoman looks familiar, Hulk looks nine feet tall,Leeloo looks lovely and Yivo looks like - hey! It is! That's the evil Emperor Xhal of the Argonian Alliance! What's he doing here?"

Something like that.

Swinebread said...

Amazing report. I love the costume pics, much better then ECCC.

You just gotta love the girls!

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