Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe!

It's Daniel Radcliffe's 19th birthday and to celebrate the birthday of this talented young actor here are 5 facts you may or may not have known! By the way someone needs to cast him as John Lennon the resemblance is sometimes disturbing...

1. Has stated that 1957's 12 Angry Men is the first black & white film he ever saw and is also his favorite film.

2. He can rotate his arm 360 degrees.

3. His agent Sue Latimer is the mother (and agent) to his friend and fellow actor Freddie Highmore.

4. At the age of sixteen, Radcliffe became the youngest non-royal ever to have an individual portrait in Britain's National Portrait Gallery. On 13 April 2006, his portrait, drawn by Stuart Pearson Wright, was unveiled as part of a new exhibition opening at London's Royal National Theatre, then moved to the National Portrait Gallery where it resides. Radcliffe was fourteen at the time of the portrait's creation.

5. Not only does he play the bass guitar but he was taught by Gary Oldman...sweet...


Dean Wormer said...

He was very funny on Extras which I believe is available on youtube.

Bradda said...

Oldman taugh him bass?!? Probably the coolest/scariest thing ever...I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

ditto the Oldman bit. Becca - thios blog is like a Trivial Pursuit of awesome.

Becca said...

Yes! Laughed so hard when I saw that episode! It's one of my favorites up there with the Ian McKellan episode and the Patrick stewart episode! CLASSIC!

Sooooo jealous! I wonder if he put the Sid Vicious leathers on before he taught the kid to play? Probably not but a girl can dream...

That is the coolest thing anyone has ever said about me! You rock soooo hard!

Anonymous said...

lol... it'd have been better if I spelled it properly... said...

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