Friday, July 18, 2008

The Lovely Sharon Tate


Chick Young said...

Thanks so much for these lovely images. Sharon is indeed one of my favorites. I was just watching The Wrecking Crew last week ("It's too deep" my favorite line in that flick!) and was again reminded of how supremely beautiful this girl was. She also seemed to have a natural talent for comedy. So tragic. I don't think the world has ever stopped mourning her. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

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DirtyRobot said...

Lovely pics!
The site is awesome BTW, I put link on my blog.

Becca said...

So glad you enjoyed them! Sharon seemed like such a beautiful person in more ways than one and it was a horrible tragedy what happened to her! I've seen some awful Halloween costumes of murdered Sharon Tate and they always make me wretch. I'm not very squimish but that's way over the line.

Your not pandering glad to update my links!

Dirty Robot-
Awwww thanks! You have a pretty great site too!

Distributorcap said...

sharon tate was one of the most beautiful women ever in hollywood.....

funny, one of the manson girls (i cant remember which one) was in the news lately -- wanting to be released because she is dying.

too bad....rot in jail

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