Thursday, July 03, 2008

My Favorite Batman Gizmos

Ah the Adam West Batman...was there a better show ever? Certainly none have been as silly! In any case here is a short list of some of the me ridiculous gizmos and gadgets featured on the show.

Heavy Batchemical- Makes metal 20 times heavier!

Bat-Compass- Used to determine that "North by Northeast is in a general North Northeasterly direction"

Instant Unfolding Bat-costumes- Complete with utility belts, just add a glass of water!

Anti-Lethal Fog Spray- To neutralize Lethal

Ersatz Batman- Animatronic Batman dummy! To be used with the Pocket Bat-synchronizer to synchronize the Ersatz Batman's lips with Bruce Wayne's and the Batdummy Closet, you know for storage.

Bat-Sleep and Bat-Wake- You know to put people to sleep and wake them. Each product was dispensed with aerosol spray many of Batman's chemicals were dispensed with aerosol spray cans! I think he's to blame for that giant hole in the ozone!

Boiling Oil Neutralizer- A chemical mixture Batman created to transform boiling oil into foam rubber! 1001 uses!

Batzooka- I suppose this one is self explanatory.

Silentmite- An explosive that makes no noise.

Home Dry Bat-Cleaning Plant- Dry-cleans the duos costumes.

Shark Repellent Bat Spray- Used to repel sharks; also comes in Barracuda, Whale, Manta-Ray styles!


Arkonbey said...

seeing them side-by-side, it appears that Ms. Gordon employs the Bat Mammary Augmenter when in costume...

Dean Wormer said...

How did you get a photo of them together?

Dammit. My theory that Barbara Gordon is secretly batgirl is now show to hell in light of your photographic evidence to the contrary.

Batgirl's taller anyway. I don't know what I was thinking.

Captain Incredible said...

Well-observed by Arkonbey...

And how about Super-Thermalized Batskivvies (could've done with them last week), Batometer (to measure bat density?), or, and no Caped Crusader should be without this, the 'ahem' 'Special Escaped Arch Criminal Batlocator in the Batcomputer'?

He never seemed to have any Batstuff to deal directly with Catwoman, though - ever notice that?


Adam Ross said...

My favorite was Batman's two-button remote control for the Batmobile. There's one episode where Penguin puts Batman and Robin in a giant catapult, and Batman is able to calculate exactly where they'll land, and communicate that to the Batmobile with only two buttons (Morse code?). This is also the episode where Penguin makes a movie in Gotham City, starring Batman.

PJ said...

And of course there were the bat-cuffs, perfect for the bringing in the criminals post-battle.

evildm said...

Wasnt there also a Bat alphabet soup decoder?

I remember some villain putting a vital clue in the letters of a bowl of alphabet soup...or was that a dream?

Video Zeta One said...

What's in Batgirl's stylish accessory/utility belt? Bat-lip gloss, bat-Godiva chocolates?

Steve said...

i'll never doubt again I thought you forgot about the bat shark repellent.

but you saved the best for last!

Becca said...

Hmmmm yes you may be right... I wonder how they get so pointy?

LOL! Batgirl must have a height augmenter too, to go along with that mammary augmenter.

Ah yes the Special Escaped Arch Criminal Batlocater or as I like to call it computerized ESP. Hell if the computer will tell them the location of all the villians of Gotham why don't they just sweep in pre-emptively instead of waiting for The Joker to turn the water supply into strawberry jelly.

And he had the stuff to deal with Catwoman was underneath that batsuit of his...

NO kidding! 2 Button remote! That's just so stupid and hilarious all at the same time! I mean who designed that prop? A 5 year old?

In the shape of little bats! How cute!

Evil DM-
Yes that soup decoder is possibly the stupidest Batman invention! And don't forget the special Alphabet Soup Bat-Container they used to carry it in! I think the villian on that episode was Pinky Pinkston.

Yes it was I just looked it up! It's also the Green Hornet and Kato cross-over. Too cool!

Yes Bat-Godiva chocolates in the shape of little bats with sparkly purple filling! And don't forget a hairbrush for that flattering auburn wig of hers.

That scene in the movie makes me laugh so hard! Every-time!

Distributorcap said...

pow zoowie kazonks

dont you miss the words to describe the fights

Ben Varkentine said...

the new show The Middleman on (of all networks) ABC-Family is worth a look if you haven't.

I think you really might enjoy it--very tongue-in-cheek with a nice spin on the dialogue, which definitely makes it my kinda show.

I wrote about it more on the blog:

Becca said...

I did a post awhile back called Onomatopoeia with screencaps of some of those great phrases!

My favorite...clunk-eth!

I was thinking I wanted to catch that! Shoot! I'll have to check it out. I didn't realize it was based on a comic book til someone pointed that out recently. Looks fun!

ThoughtCriminal said...

When I was 7, there was nothing I wanted more than a Batman Utility Belt. Then I would be be ready for anything! I never got one - and look at the mess we're in.

Anonymous said...

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