Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Umm...has anyone out there seen this new commercial for Burger King's new Apple Fries? They are basically sticks of apple but somehow they look disgusting like they are salted or fried. Maybe it's cause they serve the apple fries in a fry cup.

Of course that's not even the part of the commercial that freaked me out. No firstly it's got that horribly frightening masked expressionless Burger King in it and his son...yes son! An insane creepy little kid version of the Burger King complete with his own expressionless mask and burger royalty robes. It's just soooo creepy. And are the mother and daughter who are also in the commercial supposed to be the King's wife and daughter? I think I might have a heart attack and die if I ever found myself waking up next to that Burger King. Ugh.


Joe said...

Waking up next to him? Hah, what about under him? Yeesh.

PJ said...

Those apple stick things sound like an awful idea. We have that Burger King dude over here too and he freaks me out terribly. It's like an anti-ad as it actually puts me off the brand.

Arkonbey said...

I caught this last night (in one of my rare tv-watching nights) and I was horrified. WHO thought this was a good idea and WHO is actually positively affected by the ads?

God. He's creepier than Ronald.

(Plus the product: Moms! Don't buy your kids REAL apples, buy them these sugared hunks of garbage!)

Mayren said...

i just saw this commercial last nite an thank the gods for Tivo.
I saw it once... instant replayed for part of it to make sure I did see what I thought i had.,.. then fast forwarded real quick to get past the ugly creepiness of it.

it's weird that they would run this. I mean don't they still shoot these things past a test audience ? ick.

Leighann said...

I was hoping someone else would be skeeved out by this too! I saw it a couple days ago and all I could do was shake my head.

I'd like to see Burger King's son and the Travelocity Gnome on Celebrity Boxing. *giggle*

Dean Wormer said...

OTOH hand if I were the burger king guy I would never tire of "home of the whopper" jokes.

Video Zeta One said...

I'm assuming BK is trying to be on purpose campy like Mentos and Old Navy - it can't possibly be this awful unintentionally, right?

What disturbs me the most about fast food fries is that they literally NEVER spoil. If you watched the DVD extras on Super Size Me, you saw the demonstration. Formaldehyde is not as effective as whatever's in fry grease. Prediction: One day there will be 10,000 year old fry in a museum that's still edible.

Captain Incredible said...

We have BK over here but not the Big Giant Head...

Personally I prefer them to any of the other fast food joints, if only because they use fresh vegetables and present the food as you order it, but if his Majesty turned up we'd probably throw the food at him...

We have a thing about kings here in Ireland - something about 800 years of history...

Becca said...

Oh god....can't finish typing...idea tooo horible...

Yeah those ads really don't make their product very appealing...blaugh...yuck...

Who is positively effected by these ads? Probably the same mouth breathing stoner idiots who thought the midgets building giant hamburger ads were hilarious.

And YES! He's even creepier than Willard Scott's Ronald!

Yeah I don't know a single person who doesn't think that crazy masked burger king guy isn't the spawn of satan.

LOL! I'd pay to see Gnome vs Burger Prince! AWESOME! Hardcore AWESOME!

LOL! LOL! I'm not sure I'd be able to resist making those home of the whopper jokes and I'm a girl!

Gosh if it is supposed to be intentionally bad I guess it's a good tact to take cause here we are talking about Burger King...and suddenly I have an urge for a whopper...

Yeah fast food is pretty nasty when you really think about it...

Here's another fun food fact did you know if you take a tooth and soak it in coca cola it will eventually disolve. In fact they actually have to line the cans they sell coke in otherwise it will eat through the aluminum...creepy...

Captain Incredible-
Of course Burger king tastes pretty good even if it's really not that good for you neccessarily. There are certainly worse things you can eat.

Of course the minute they show the Burger King making the food I'm never gonna eat there again...I'm just not sure I can trust him...

So do they give away the complimentary paper crowns over there? I guess not since they don't have the king and all.

Steve said...

but thats how i looked at his age :)

Mortuis said...

So that makes him - what? - the Burger Prince?

*shudder* The whole thing is just incredibly creepy... and not in a good way.

Captain Incredible said...

Paper crowns?

Actually, they do - I hadn't thought of that.

But kids like them. My nephew used to call them 'King hats' when he was little - I still think that's what they should be called...

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

They haven't hit our area yet. I'm girding my loins now in case they do hit here soon. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm girding my loins because I like it.

Becca said...

...ur...what a handsome lad you were...insert face that only a mother could love joke here ;)

Can you imagine having to give birth to the burger prince with that ginormous head and crown!

Thank you for satisfying my curiousity it just doesn't seem like Burge King with a bunch of silly kids running around in paper crowns.

And I agree king hats is a much better term for crown.

Dr. Monkey-
I have my fingers crossed you wont have to see the awfulness...the awfulness! Then you can enjoy the loin girding.

Arkonbey said...

Can you imagine having to give birth to the burger prince with that ginormous head and crown!

Oh. My. God. Now I must imagine a Burger Queen!

Anonymous said...

OK, I guess I'll be the one to stick up for the King (http://www.grayflannelsuit.net/2007/02/27/the-one-and-only-king/). I for one love all things Kingly, in fact the creepier the better!

But these apple things do look atrocious.

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