Thursday, August 21, 2008


I just adore metal lunchboxes but there have been some pretty interesting ones over the years...

I had this one as a kid:

And now that I've seen this one I REALLY want it! Did I mention I collect metal lunchboxes?


VZ1 said...

Man, I feel sorry for the poor kid whose parents brought home the "Taxi" lunchbox. All the other kids have Star Wars and the Six Million Dollar Man - meanwhile you got Judd Hirsch.

Anonymous said...

Whoa...what happened to poor Paul McCartney's face on that Beatles lunchbox?

J.D. said...

My Pokémon lunchbox from 3rd grade is like SO much better than all of those. :D

Adam Ross said...

That Lost in Space lunchbox is too cool for words. I had the Rambo lunchbox, as did just about every boy in my school.

Arkonbey said...
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Arkonbey said...

I totally had that Kung Fu box!

In like '75 or '76.

Damn. I feel old.

Captain Incredible said...

I'm sorry for the kid with the Osmonds lunchbox - see how they all look like clones of Jimmy Carter?

I think he should sue.

We didn't have that kind of thing here when I was a kid (thankfully) - over here it was Tupperware all the way, baby...

Steve said...

I have a Milk and Cheese lunch box that I love
"You can't lose with Booze" what kid wouldnt want to take that to school?

Scurvy said...

I love the way the friendly Cylon is waving to you on the BSG lunchbox...

I had a kick ass Hanna-Barberra lunchbox with a good deal of their characters on it. I think it may have been a "Wacky Races" repackage.

tina kugler said...

What the hell is Julia?
And who thought a kid would want that?
I remember a kid in my class had "Clash of the Titans." I used to just STARE at it while pretending to hang up my coat. I always got, like, Strawberry Shortcake. No Harryhausen.
Hey you should come to Sputnikfest. (In Wisconsin. Google it or something.)
PS. Yeah, they didn't have a better picture of Paul?

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

I had a He-Man lunchbox. It was great. Big enough for ten sandwiches and enough crisps to choke a mule.

Becca said...

NO KIDDING! Boy many kids were watching that show?

I know it's so weird...part of it's charm I think.

Oh yeah well my Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill lunchbox can kick the heck outta your POkemon ;)

Gosh I didn't know anyone eho had the Rambo box... it's pretty sweet.

Sooooooooooo jealous!

I know can you imagine being a boy and getting stuck with an Osmonds lunchbox?

And if they all look like Carters do you thinks it's full of Billy Beer?

Aw man! Milk and Cheese! Too sweet! I wonder if they ever made Milk and Cheese action figures those would be neato to have.

I know cracks me up!

Wacky Races box would be pretty cool to have too!

Julia was a cheesy show from the
70's with Diane Carroll. I really cannot imagine a lamer lunchbox concept then Julia.

I had a Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox too! I always wanted a Star Wars box but my parents would not buy me a lunch box they thought was for boys. Boo...

That is such a creepy pic of Paul but adds to the charm of that box for sure. Have fun at Sputnikfest! I have plans those days already but looks like it should be a neat time! Great art on your site by the way :)

Awww that's so cool! I loved He-Man used to rush home from school to watch it!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I'll give you $100 for that Battlestar Gallactica Lunchbox!

That Cylon is the's that on the side? Boxie & the kid?

Uh...I can give you 50 cents, but not a penny more!

Percy Trout said...

The only lunch box I ever got was "Space 1999." I wanted a Spider-Man lunchbox.

PJ said...

I love the KnightRider one - The Hoff was so cute back then! I'm sure I had an A-Team one, back in the day.

Spin the Moon said...

I had an Emergency! lunchbox. Go Randolph Mantooth!

Taxi? Seriously?

Anonymous said...



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