Thursday, September 04, 2008


George was my grandfather, a man who I really admired and loved like a father.
He died quite a number of years ago but he's never very far from my thoughts. While cleaning out my grandmother's house (the home where I grew up) I came accross some pictures of my grandfather during his time as a paratrooper in WWII. I know he spent a number of years in the Asian theater of the war but not alot about the specifics. I can't really blame him for not talikng about it, I know he saw some really awful things based on things my grandmother has told me .

In anycase I wanted to share some of these really wonderful photos...


Spin the Moon said...

That last one, with the motorcycle, waving the hat, is just perfect. Very cool.

It's great that you have these.

Steve said...

thank you so very much for sharing these.
nothing more important than family

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Those are great. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great photos really. I live in China now, in Yunnan sort of close to the border of Burma (a couple hundred miles away). I have seen the Burma Road and remains of the war. Bomb shells used as decorations for the entrances to clubs and such. I wonder where these pictures are from? They do not look like China or Burma.

I am happy he served he country here, and the Chinese people are grateful for the sacrifices made by young Americans to help them regain independence from Imperial Japan.

Arkonbey said...

Those are fabulous photos. The last one, I agree is wonderful. To me, it's an example of why film is better than digital. If that shot were digital, it may have just gotten deleted (bit blurry, composition not perfect), or lust left to rot on a flash drive until a change in technology rendered it inaccessible.

With film, you can find a box of old memories, that while not great 'photographs' are still priceless.

My uncle, SE and I just went through a bunch of my grandparents' old photos at a recent family reunion. Ain't it great?

end rant.

Scurvy said...

Those are great! I have a bunch of pictures when my grandfather was in north Africa, and someday I'd like to make a painting (b&w of course) of one or a combo of them. The one on the bike there is my personal fave.

Unknown said...

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