Thursday, September 11, 2008

God Bless Lou Scheimer

Lou Scheimer gave us a lot of cartoon atrocities didn't he. Sure he gaves us He-Man and She-Ra but he and the folks at Filmation were responsible for BraveStarr, Gilligan's Planet, BlackStar...I can go on...

In September 1975 Lou and the folks over at Filmation began airing a show called Uncle Croc's Block; a block of cartoons including M-U-S-H (Mangy Unwanted Shabby Heroes), an obvious tongue-in-cheek canine version of M*A*S*H, Fraidy Cat a cat down to his last of 9 lives and Wacky and Packy a prehistoric man and his pet pachyderm trapped in modern times. Framming the cartoons were a series of live action segments hosted by a crocodile named Uncle Croc and his friend Rabbit Ears a Rabbit with a TV in his stomach (Hmmm wonder if Filmmation could sue the Teletubby people).

The live action Uncle Croc segments are like the epitome of bad cheese television starting Charles (insert King Lorch joke here) Nelson Reilly as Uncle Croc our host.

Jonathan (Dr. Smith) Harris as Basil Bitterbottom (genius name by the way!) the show's bitter crotchety and arty (I can only assume he's arty cause he's wearing a beret) director.

Phyllis Diller as Witchy Goo Goo (ick I prefer not to think of Phyllis Diller in that way) who lets face it is playing Phyllis Diller walking around in a witches hat.

Jonathan harris does a perfect impression of my reaction to discovering Phyllis Diller had appeared in the Croc Block...

Alice Ghostly as Junie the Genie (whom you may remember as Esmerelda in Bewitched or from one of about a billion other TV appearances).

and Kenneth Mars as the voice of a whole host of characters (none of them German for a change)...

"Shockingly" enough the show was canceled after only a few months. The ratings were too low to justify making it any longer. Aw come on you mean kids didn't want to watch Charles Nelson Rielly ponce about in an crocodile suit? Say it ain't so!

In any case you owe it to yourself to check out the brilliant awfulness of this show. There are a bunch of clips on YouTube including:
Uncle Croc's Block Opening
Witchy Goo Goo
Uncle Croc and the $6.95 Man


VZ1 said...

I'm sure it's no surprise that I'm a huge fan of the show. It's so mind numbingly awful that I can't keep my eyes off it.

If you enjoy this brand of TV (so cheesy it almost doesn't seem real), I recommend you get Paul Lynde's Halloween Special (you can get it on Netflix). I'm still in recovery and am doing my best to work through the trauma of seeing KISS, Florence Henderson and Paul Lynde together in one place.

I have a short post on it at
but it hasn't helped to dull the pain.

Arkonbey said...

Wow. Just... Wow.

I remember MUSH, but not that. Was it only in certain areas of the country?

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

I thought it was the acid.

Scott Faulkner said...

I watched it and was sad when it was canceled. I also was a big Paul Lynde fan. Oh TV, how you have changed! Thank god for the internet and its way-back capabilities.

Distributorcap said...

they dont make tv like they used to.

Becca said...

Mind numbingly awful is right! After seeing one of these clips I told myself I would stop but couldn't and watched all that YouTube had to offer!

Oh wow Paul Lynde Halloween special? Sounds delightful ;) I will have to Netflix it! Sounds like at least an hour of jaw-droppingly bad TV. I'm off to check out your post now :)


Wow what a trip it would have been too!

So jealous! I would have loved to see this as a kid! Can't say I would have watched MUSH but how can you resist Dr. Smith in that beret!

No...and maybe that's a good thing?

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