Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Drawing

A drawing a did a while back. Who is your favorite MST3K host Joel or Mike?


Steve said...

dont make me choose!

VZ1 said...

Joel or Mike? That's like asking me to choose between Ginger and Mary Ann, Lennon or McCartney, Jeannie or Samantha - it can't be done. So, I'm going to wus out and say both.

Now if you'd asked Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth, that's an easy one... Diamond Dave all the way!

Arkonbey said...

Okay. I've been a MSTy since 1993. I have 16 VHS tapes with three episodes each. I can quote jokes from a dozen films and skits. I once made Sweet Enemy watch Santa Claus Conquers the Martians with me on Xmas Eve. I am a giagantic MST3k nerd.

So, I must say that Mike was great as Hugh Beaumont, Glen (the Amazing Colossal Man), the near-sighted gym guy and John Banner (Boobie!).

As a host, he was only mediocre at best. It was weird to even replace the host as MST3k was the brain child of Joel.

The Van Hagar comparison is apt, gilligan:

Joel = DLR
Mike = Sammy Hagar

Drawing: You capture a really nice smirk on Mike, but Joel's thumbs-up needs a bit of work. Perhaps some lines on the fingers to hint at the bends.

smallerdemon said...

Ah, MST3K. *looks at collection of tapes going back to season 2* *looks at DVDs he's made from tapes of unreleased stuff*

I'm kind of a fan. :) I have about 150 tapes. It's one of my prized possessions. I bought a computer just to do captures of MST3K to make DVDs. :)

Adam Ross said...

Wow, you've even managed to make Gypsy sexy!

Arkonbey said...

My hat off to you, sir. You have surpassed me. My 16 tapes, however lovingly carried for over a decade cannot compete.

I salute you.

However, you still have not voiced an opinion on Joe v Mike...

Neil Sarver said...

I'll agree with the Roth/Hagar comparison as well. In both cases the work as a whole with the original host/singer is stronger overall. In neither case is their a lack of ability with the later host/singer themselves, things just never gel quite as well for me.

So, yeah, Joel.

Anonymous said...

Joel, in a heartbeat.

Mike was very, very good, but he always came across as passive. Joel was an instigator and more actively opposed the MadS.

As for me, I just finished burning MST3K 171 DVDs from old VHS tapes including an early pre-Comedey Channel local show, the "home version" run on Sci-Fi channel, and three of their specials as well as "Play MST3K For Me" vols 1 & 2..

Becca said...

It's hard to choose isn't it! They both have their great qualities but I think I'm a bigger fan of Joel as a host. Mike is indeed funny but there is some kind of hilarious magic when Joel is on screen.

And wow there are some really great collections of MST3K out there! I'm soooo jealous! I only have a few tapes but one of the is Mitchell!!!! Ahh Joe Don Baker is a god.

Dr. Zaius said...


Spin the Moon said...

Yeah, Joel's the man.

I got to meet Mike when he was in town once and he's a great guy - very funny. Still, I have to agree that there was some kind of goofy magic when Joel was on screen.

Becca said...

Dr. Z-

Aw you got to meet Mike! Too neato! His books are soooo funny!

Spin the Moon said...

Yeah, I'm a big fan of the books too - I got him to sign 'Movie Megacheese'.

He was in town as part of a celebrity series at this club in town. He did skits with the local troupe and even sang a few songs with the band. It was a pretty cool evening. He hung around to sign stuff afterward.

You are correct, the whole thing was too neato!

Wendel said...

Ha, "16 tapes" Ha, what an amateur.
Why my good fellow I have 26 tapes AND four complete seasons on DVD!

(and that's all the foreshadowing I can afford)

This debate has raged for going on 15 years! I have never understood why.

Joel and Mike are two different personalities and took the show in different directions. It is not an either/ or.

I love the Joel era (well, I only tolerate the KTMA days and "Love you as a friend" season 1) and the Mike era was just as good in a different way.

Both had great hits, and both have had bombs. I do have to say that the post MST3K awards have to go to Mike. Rifftrax has, so far, well exceeded Cinematic Titanic.

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