Sunday, October 19, 2008

Angel and Baby Sugar Daddy

You may remember a few months ago I posted a picture of a devil baby and a stripper. Here are a few more drawings of the duo I still think there is a story here but haven't had a chance to write it yet...I will though... :)


Joe said...

That girl is, in the words of Russ Meyer, pneumatic!

Arkonbey said...


Coop, eat your heart out!

Keith said...

Those are awesome. I bet the story would be way cool.

Richard said...

These are some of the best work you've ever posted here!

I admit my first thought on looking at the first picture was "That poor woman, her back must be killing her" -- but I had that reaction because the layout is so good and gave me a real sense of the weight and forward momentum of her body. And the character design for both her and the devil baby is terrific. So, Hot Stuff took up smoking a stogie when he got older? But he couldn't give up the diaper. (Actually, what makes it work is that he doesn't look too much like Hot Stuff despite what should be overwhelming similarities.)

Anyway, this has clearly inspired you to do some great drawing, and it'll be fascinating to see you take it further.

Becca said...

Yes! Ah there is alot of Russ Meyer in my brain and I am sooo glad of it!

That is such a huge compliment! Thank you!

It will be when I finally get around to telling it ;)

Oh wow thank you! I didn't even make the Hot Stuff comparison! I was worried it would come off too much like Baby Herman from Roger Rabbit maybe he's like a partial hybrid of those two and a lot of the other WWII era cool old perverts I adore :)

Fletch said...

Funny you say that last bit. I was just gonna say that the images have a very Jessica Rabbit/Baby Herman quality. That takes nothing away from it, obviously.

Dash MacBastard said...

Thanks for sharing more of your sketches, Becca. As always, way cool!

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