Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween Links 2

Visit Culture Kills to check out a music video for Metric's Monster Hospital, it's full of zombies and who can resist zombies!

It's not Halloween without sexy costumes and Electronic Cerebrectomy has a boatload of them to ogle! You can also watch the creepy short Disney cartoon Mickey's Haunted House and if that isn't enough check out My Little Cthulhu!

Over on Awesomeness for Awesome's Sake it's Rocktober! A time to celebrate all things metal and horror for 31 days! It's almost sweeter than candy!

And to read some wonderfully creepy classic horror comics visit The Horrors of it All, such a great site!

Monster Rally has been celebrating the 31 days of Halloween with a number of great posts including several with old Ripley's Believe or Not comics and some colorized universal monster clips! Neat stuff!

Squint and you can see a skull it's kind of creepy like Darth Vader on a potato chip or the virgin mary on toast.

Gilligan gives us the truth on the Halloween apple and the razor blade, has a keen post about what was happening in October 1978 and he's also reposted a great review of the fabulously camp Paul Lynde Halloween Special! Boo Humbug!

Oh and if you want to hear the music from The Paul Lynde Halloween Special visit Vinnie Rattolle's Records and I'm warning you now it has a Florence Henderson's disco version of That Old Black Magic.

Rik Rawling has a really fascinating post about paranormal author/ investigator Harry Price.

Arbogast is doing a 31 Days, 31 Screams series over on his blog that is great! Each post is filled with details about the career of a horror movie actress or actor complete with fantastic screen caps!


Arbogast said...

Thanks for the kind words, Becca. I love that banner and I'm loving the vintage Halloween portraits - why did Hollywood stop doing those?.

Anonymous said...

I recently found your site through Arbogast's blog and I try to visit everyday.

I was flattered to see that I was added to your "These Blogs Rule" section AND that you gave a shout out to Rocktober.

It's an honor to have Awesomeness in such great company, Becca!

Becca said...

You are soo welcome! And I agree the vintage Halloween portraits are the greatest! there is not enough cool theme photography these days. I'd love if they'd bring it back :)

Mr. Canacorn-
You are too kind! You have a pretty great site yourself and I really look forward to all the Rocktober posts!

Keith said...

Thanks for all those links. I'll definitely have to check them out. I think Retrospace is the only one I've been to before.