Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Links 3

Mr. Canacorn has started a new blog called The Bride of Awesomeness! Check out his post on Munsters porn and a beautiful portrait of The Bride of Frankenstein. And he us up to day 18 of his Rocktober posts! Check it out on his original blog Awesome for Awesome's Sake

Just in time for Halloween The Bleeding Tree has a zombified take on the presidential election. The Cushy Blog has a few more monstrous versions of this disturbing image.

Arbogast has a great post with a few excellent snapshots from horror movies. And he continues his 31 Days, 31 Screams series! My favorite so far features the amazing Peter Cushing

Electronic Cerebrectomy has a special Halloween episode of DTV up for your viewing pleasure! For those of you who don't remember DTV it was Disney's version of MTV where they would edit modern pop songs to old cartoon footage. This episode is from 1987 and rocks! Literally!

Spike TV held it's annual Scream Awards to honor the best in fantasy, sci-fi, comics and horror. There was a star studded turn-out and Gossip Girls has pictures! Kristen Bell, Rosario Dawson and Captain Morgan all in one place! Damn I'm sorry I missed it ;) Here is a cute picture of Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon...pretty sure I'm the only one out there who likes Rob Zombie's films...

Splotchy wants everyone to know Halloween is almost here! Click the link to watch an awesome video! (Warning epileptics should avoid extended viewing)

Monster Rally has posted a comic book adaptation on the Vincent Price film The Raven! Great to see Price as a comic character.

Get your fill of sexy devil girl illustrations over on Pessimists Need Love Too

Retrospace talks horrible Halloween treats and I think we can all agree that Mike and Ike sucks ass. I kind of like Neco waffers though...

Reis over on Geek Orthodox has posted Garfield's Halloween Adventure! I always loved that cartoon growing up! Actually there are lots of Halloween goodies on the site so check it out!

The Undead Film Critic has posted some pretty swanky covers from the vintage Outre-Tombe and there's some more vintage cover art here! Oh and don't forget these awesome Zombie Pin-ups!

Vinnie Rattolle has posted his annual Halloween music compilation! There's some good stuff to really get you in the Halloween spirit here!He also has a post about The Funky Phantom cartoon and Vincent Price on Citibank! So awesome!

Universal Horror Sounds Has a really bizarre commercial for orange Shasta featuring Frankenstein! Take that Coke!


Unknown said...

whoa wait a minute! Rob Zombie's movies kick ASS!!! Great list of links!

smallerdemon said...

God, I love that first picture of SADISTIK. That is crazy.

Something Weird OnDemand has had a bunch of those weird dance shorts of a horror monster type thing in a dance set with a voluptuous dancer of some sort. They are SO weird and it really makes me wonder exactly who the hell z-grade horror mask titillation dance videos were made for.

Keith said...

That is a great list of links. Some of them I already check out, but I'll definitely have to pay a visit to the others.

primalscreamx said...

I love this site during the Halloween season. It's the best place to go to get my trick-or-treat fix.
Thanks for the stuff.

Becca said...

Yeah! Everyone is always slamming Rob it's great to find another fan!

AWESOME I saw a bunch of those weird monstery burlesque dance shorts last year! I didn't think to check this year :)

And yeah why did they make those? Where did they show them? Stag parties? Burlesque joints?

Glad to be of service :)

So happy to make the trick or treat season more fun!

Joe said...

Wow, there is a LOT of quality in those links! Thank you!