Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Links 4

Oh my gosh there's aHalloween Playmobile set? YES! Check out the photos on Geek Orthodox. Also this one isn't entirely a Halloween themed post but it's worth a look...If Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies Were 19th Century Russian Woodblock Prints...

SamuraiFrog over on Electronic Cerebrectomy has posted the awesome Scary Godmother Halloween Special based on the Jill Thompson comic and it's wonderful sequel The Revenge of Jimmy

He's also been waxing on horror movies he's seen over the years. There are 4 parts up so far with at least one more to go.

Kindertrauma has an amazing post about the super wrong Halloween episode of the Hardy Boys/ Nancy Drew mysteries featuring Paul Williams and Lorne Green...creepy...

And speaking of Paul Williams performances; Awesome for Awesome's Sake has a pretty great post about DePalma's rock opera masterpiece Phantom of the Paradise. Or you could also check out the overlooked movie post I did about Phantom of the Paradise a while back.

Vinnie Rattolle also has a Phantom of the Paradise post too! Complete with music, worth a listen for sure! I'm glad soo many people are rediscovering this forgotten classic!

Retrospace has a fantastic post about Halloween themed TV from the past, with lots of fab clips to check out.

The superb Sexy Witch has a post with some beautiful 40's starlets dressed up for Halloween! SWEET!

Battlemaiden has posted some wonderful photos of fall leaves, pumpkins and other wonderful things...Post 1/ Post 2

The Undead Film Critic gives us sexy zombies (yummy), devil sex and witches!

And finally the above picture is of a lovely pin-up model who calls herself The Queen of Trash! Click the link to check out her website, there are lots of great pictures including a set of Bride of Frankenstein pictures like the one above!