Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hooray! I get to hand out awards!

The fabulous pen-wielding SamuraiFrog has given me the Superior Scribbler Award! That is really cool!

And now I get to pass this on to five more talented bloggers.

Arkonbey for his super awesome art skills and great comicking! Check out his latest work here!

Aside from sharing a treasure chest of geek culture posts Reis O'Brien is also a really wonderful artist! Check out his Yoda!

Adele K Thomas is a really wonderful illustrator and I always look forward to checking out her new stuff! I especially love it when she tackles a pop culture subject like The Joker and Sawyer drawings she did.

Cap'n Scurvy who recently shared some really wonderful Deadwood inspired drawings. Lets hope he posts more of his art in the future!

And I know she's not exactly a scribbler but Lucky Kitty makes some of the coolest toys and bags and fabric crafts! Good luck at the Blue Genie Art Bizaar!


And to top that off the very Byzantine Jaquandor gave me the "I Love This Blog Award"!

And it was really special to get this award from someone whose blog is sooo cool!

Now I get to pass it on to 4 other blogs that I adore reading!

1. Post the award on my blog

2. Link to the person who gave me the award

3. Nominate 4 others

4. Leave a comment on their blogs so they can pass it on.

John for his amazing writing and his very cool photography and illustrations! If you haven't read his stuff on Smoke Rings and Matterings do it now! You won't be dissapointed!

Mr. Canacorn for both of his terriffic blogs! The awesome Awesome for Awesome's Sake which can best be described as pop culture awesomeness at it's best and his second blog Bride of Awesomeness which satisfy every pervy little urge I have...well most of them. One thing is for sure he just posted a picture from the best Batman episode ever!

The Undead Film Critic has the best retro/ vintage girly blog in existance! Too wonderful for words!

And of course SamuraiFrog! His blog has everything! Politics, movie & TV stuffs, girly pictures and attempted humor.


Arkonbey said...


And more darn art blogs to look at!

Undead Film Critic said...

Hot Damn! Thanks.

Distributorcap said...

i will sat --- well deserved!

Becca said...

You are soo welcome!

You are also sooooo welcome! It's important sexy work you do ;)

Awww thank you!

Anonymous said...

Well hellloooooo, award! I sure wish my mom was still adding to my baby book, 'cause she saved every single ribbon I earned (or was unceremoniously given) in elementary school.

Wait a minute! My mom recently gave me my baby book...I'm gonna' print that sucker out and paste it in there right now!

Thanks, Becca!