Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to Hatch a Dinosaur: A Batman Episode in 18 Screen Caps

By the way they used this dinosaur suit on an episode of Lost in Space as well :)


Neil Sarver said...


On the rare occasion that I've specifically imagined being one of those weird famous people who gets drawn in to write an event comic, when it involves Batman, I usually imagine creating a cool way to bring Egghead into the comicbook Bat Universe.

Anonymous said...

Man, I forgot how much Yvonne Craig cemented the fact that I love a redheaded Batgirl. Blonde or brunette just doesn't seem right to me.

Will said...

By the way they used this dinosaur suit on an episode of Lost in Space as well :)

...and most likely other shows produced by 20th century Fox ie. Time Tunnel & Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea. A lot cheaper to re-use props of course.

escralan said...

How'd he get in the egg?

Unknown said...

I know a lot of folks who knock this show. To all the '60s Batman show haters: F-YOU! This show was groundbreaking and I still enjoy watching it. Just look at how vibrant the screen caps are, and the girls were HOT. To me, Adam West will always be Batman regardless of the campiness.

Arkonbey said...

Thank you.

For giving me Vincent Price morning as well as a Yvonne Craig morning

jay: word! I will add that you CAN like both Adam West AND Christian Bale.

Dean Wormer said...

Yvonne Craig. Yummy.

The woman was absolutely beautiful.

floyd barber said...

I love Vincent Price's baby conehead.

Spin the Moon said...

Hey, you know, the girl in the first picture? The one with glasses? She looks a little bit like Batgirl. I mean, I know Batgirl doesn't wear glasses, that's silly.

But there's something else.

The chin? Their chins look somewhat similar? Eh. I don't know.

Maybe... maybe if Batgirl took off the mask and put on the glasses...

Nah. Crazy talk. Forget that. But I have this theory about a reporter at the Daily Planet that hinges on a similar premise.

Becca said...

That would be pretty cool. I bet you could do some really interesting things with the character...of course they would have to draw him to look like Price though!

No kidding! The red looks so good against the sparkly purple suit!

On Smash-
Bet you are right. Wonder if anyone has a website devoted to researching that sort of thing?

Exec Alan-
That is a question I keep asking myself...and I saw the episode! There is very little logic ever applied to this show. Of course that is part of it's beauty :)

Here! Here! This is the one show I REALLY, REALLY wish would come out on DVD! I know there are rights issues and more so it will never happen...but dammit! I want my Batman! Adam West rocks!

You are soooo welcome! Price and Craig two of my favorite people ever!

And okay, okay I like Bale too but they each add something different to their respective roles. And that is something that is pretty cool thing about comics, like a piece of art different people see different things in the material and good or bad that makes it all pretty interesting!

Double yummy!

I know it's soooo odd!

You mean Clark Kent is Moleculo the Molecular Man? And if you get that stupid obscure reference I would like to shake your hand! :)

Anonymous said...

I just saw Batman: The Movie for the first time and LOVED it. Can't seem to find the series on DVD's not released, right??

Anonymous said...

I prefer Michael Keaton's Batman to Adam West's batman because I believe that Adam West's Batman, in the Ogg and I, cries like the poofter that he is! I know Adam West ain't one of "Them" but when Batman cries, I believe he's a homosexual disgrace to men the world over!

I don't care what anyone else thinks, I don't give a damn if Adam is just an actor

I am glad they took that...that...that garbage of the air once and for all!

Anonymous said...

Yvonne Craig should have retired from acting when she hit 40

Her "Batgirl" character sickens me!

Anonymous said...

Adam west is ha washed up old fart!