Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ice, Ice Dolly?

Ick...whose idea was this? Wonder if the did a M.C. Hammer figure?


Darius Whiteplume said...

Oh, ye of little faith!

One from eBay, and toy search results, including outfits!

Anonymous said...

Not only does M.C. Hammer have a doll, as Darius posted links to, he had a CARTOON!

Darius Whiteplume said...

Wow. I don't remember the cartoon, but it certainly has a "and knowing is half the battle" ring to it.

Kinda sucks. Hammer seemed like a decent guy. Vanilla Ice is a douche, and is in the public eye far more. I thought Vanilla Ice was completely done for when he was in the Ninja Turtles movie, but I couldn't foresee the myriad of VH1 "Washed Up Loser" reality shows :-)

Yum-Yum said...

Whose idea? It was everyone's idea. Vanilla Ice was once part of the collective unconsciousness.

Check out the film Cool As Ice for further proof of this unconsciousness.

Anyway, if I had that doll, I would straight-up play with it, yo.

Joe said...

Yo, V.I.P. --that doll really kicks it.

VZ1 said...

If I had that doll, I would use it to beat up my Rick Astley doll.

Darius Whiteplume said...

"I rock a mic like a vandal
get up on stage and wax Rick Astley like a candle."

Or something like that.

It is funny what a joke Vanilla Ice is and how ridiculously popular he was. I'll admit, my car stereo, at least once, pushed the battle cry "Go whiteboy, go whiteboy, go!"

He seems like a real douche, though. In case I didn't mention that before :-)

Keith said...

At least I can admit I never liked Vanilla Ice. Most of the people I know fell hard for him. I was always a Hammer fan though. I do remember Hammer's cartoon.

Hilaria Galleries said...

what I wanna know is how I can get a life sized rendition of that gold lame leopard jacket made for moi. it would look fabulous with the streak in my hair.

by the way, I see Kirk is one of your TV heroes--the greatest captain in the history of sci fi TV making!

Becca said...

Oh...oh god...why? Why?

I remember that silly cartoon! Don't think I ever saw an episode but you needn't have watched it to know how silly it was...

It's true Hammer did seem like a more decent guy then Ice. I got sucked into that stupid Surreal Life Fame Game thing on VH1 and I was astounded at how big a douche Rob Van Winkle is.

Go Ninja...go ninja...go!!! LAME!

That is a sad commentary on po culture....straight up...yo! ;) tee hee hee I said yo!

Word! NOT!

Oh man...oh man...that would be AWESOME!


"I rock a mic like a vandal
get up on stage and wax Rick Astley like a candle."

Hmmm that doesn't sound gay at all ;)

I used to have a friend in High School who dressed like Ice wore the gold chains and did the hair thing including the blonde patch in
the front...we used to call him Ice, Ice Wally...OUCH! He wore his clothes backwards too during that whole Kriss Kross thing.

Never could get into the rap thing...even the faux whateboy rap. Blech! But the memories of how silly Ice was provides smiles to this day.

Wow you would be my hero if you found and wore a jacket like that!

And yes Kirk is a god among fictional TV characters! I love that man.