Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Ads


Joe said...

I can still hear that Slinky jingle from the 60's commercials.

VZ1 said...

I love how the cigarette cartons are so beautifully ornamented for the holidays. Don't forget to leave a box for Santa!

Anonymous said...

Okay, commenting on the ads

1) Some people are like slinkys, their sole purpose in life is to be laughed at as they are pushed down the stairs.

2) Santa is an NRA member apparently. Of course, proper training will keep you from shooting your eye out.

3)Ah yes, back when only the cigarette companies knew of the side effects of smoking they could get celebrity endorsements.

BHB said...

Ha ha! the toy with the slinky foot looks more like an extra long third leg, if ya know what I mean

Keith said...

These are really cool. I've seen the last two, but never the first one. I love them all.

Steve said...

I wonder what a signed Ronnie Raygun carton of Chesterfields is going for these days lol

Becca said...

Whenever I think of the slinky jingle I always end up getting the log jingle from Ren and Stimpy going through my head.

Santa will enjoy their smooth and mild flavor!

But if you push someone down the stairs at the same time as a slinky which will reach the bottom of the steps first?

OH MY GOD! YES! I did not notice that til you pointed it out! Creepy...

Yeah I bet all those toys were fun to play with :)

Gosh I get alot. I think he earned a nice little spot in hell for this ad alone :)

Wings1295 said...

Such awesomeness - Thank you!

Merry Christmas!

Michael Nyiri said...

Dear Becca,
Betty James, the wife of Slinky creator Richard, who ran the company for years, recently passed away.
I used that Chesterfield ad in my Cultural Blender video.
Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. It's always neat to see bloggers from other platforms commenting!
Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool

Becca said...

Glad you enjoyed them :)

Wow I hadn't heard that!

And I thought I remembered seeing that Chesterfield ad else!