Thursday, December 25, 2008

December is Dita Von Teese Month Day 24: Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I think these are my favorite Dita pics so far. I think I consider her more like Milla Jovovich in that I consider her to be sexier when she's hinting at nudity rather than showing it. My own personal opinion, yours may vary.

And Becca, I think you meant this to be day 25, otherwise you've got 2 day 24s.

BHB said...

I hate to be picky but one of her stockings is crooked :)

Keith said...

That definitely put me in the holiday spirit.

Becca said...

Yeah Dita is best at the hint. Of course I always like the hint or nearly bursting free better than flat out nakedness. Somehow I find that sexiest...not that I'm opposed to nudity or anything ;)

And yeah whoops! This was day 25!

Tsk...tsk... How did ladies manage in the days of seams :)

So glad to help ;)