Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Angel and The Ape Drawings

Anybody remember the old Angel and the Ape comic? In a nutshell it was about a female private detective named Angel O'Day and a talking gorilla named Sam Simeon who is a comic book artist.

Here is a cover from an issue:

Anyways here are a couple of drawings I did of Angel and Sam. I really, really love they way they turned out! I wonder who I contact at DC to do an updated version of this ;)


Adam said...

We really missed out here in the UK! If that was out, I never saw it on the shelves.

Message to anyone at DC - Here's what you should consider for your next film, rather than reinventing Superman again!

Richard said...

Sam Simeon and Angel O'Day were created by a writer named E. Nelson Bridwell, who was one of my very favorite people in comics history, and the great Bob Oksner. DC published two attempts at a revival: one was by Phil Foglio, who didn't get it right but at least tried to stay true to the spirit and tone of the original, and the other was by Howard Chaykin, who decided to make it nasty and cynical and misanthropic and misogynistic, the exact opposite of everything Nelson believed in. (What a big surprise coming from Chaykin, huh?)

There's nothing to stop you from creating your own gorilla-and-gorgeous-gal detective series and telling people "this is my homage to Angel and the Ape" rather than subjecting yourself to the miserable ordeal of pitching stuff to DC using company-owned characters.

Scurvy said...

Awesome! I love them. Angel was super sexy.

Johnny Bacardi said...

I was gonna tell you about the Chaykin/Tischman version, but someone beat me to it. I liked it better than RAB did, smirky as it was...

Becca said...

Boy that would make a great movie!

I've read a bit about the original, in fact I was reading about it last night and that's what kind of influenced the drawings. I've never had a chance to read the original cool as it sounds!!!

I actually own the Howard Caykin had a girl and a gorilla and an Art Adams cover, I was instantly sold. Now that I know the comics are soo different I would really like to read the original! I will seek it out.

And I'm sure your right doing something on my own is probably alot easier and more interesting. It's just that pipe dream I have of getting a job in the industry...maybe some day but until then I have artistic freedom, hooray! I'll have to remember that homage line ;)

So sexy.

Johnny B-
Yeah like I mentioned above to RAB I have that. I did like it too but I'm really curious about the original. I will seek it out, I'm sure it's out there to read some where.

Steve said...

great drawings as usual and anything with a monkey in it i'm all for!

have you scoped out the dc website to see if there's any contact info there?

Johnny Bacardi said...

I am not advocating you do anything illegal, immoral (unless I'm around) or fattening...but you can go here to check out the original series.

I had a handful of them as a kid, and liked them OK- I read a couple recently, and while I was a little dismayed at how corny and un-PC the humor was, the Oksner/Wood art is great and the characters were always appealing.

Rol said...

I don't know who you contact - but I'd buy that book. Great work!

Arkonbey said...

very nice. The incorporation of a background is a nice advance. Now you need to pay as much attention to the background as you do to the figures. Your figures are, as always, very solid and substantial, make the backgrounds the same way; make the background a world for your figures to inhabit and not just dressing that surrounds them.

also, I'm betting Art Adams read this comic before he created Monkeyman and O'brien

Anonymous said...

Big monkeys and beautiful babes, the premise always works.

Keep up the awesome drawings, Becca.

Becca said...

Monkeys are the awesomest! And I admit I never thought about looking at the DC site for contact info. Think I just need to more proactive with stuff :(

Not that I would necessarily do anything "illeagal" but the link you left is empty...if you say decided for posterity to leave it again I certainly wouldn't complain :)

And yeah just based on some of the images I've seen from the original I wouldn't be surprised if they were a shade un-pc.

Thank you! That's really cool of you to say!

I guess I just have a minimalist's soul :) I'm working on the backgrounds thing though and I really appreciate the feedback!

Oddly enough when I was younger my problem was always that I had too much going on in the backgrounds. If I ever find any of my old comics I'll have to post them.

With time and effort I will find the right balance. Thanks again for your help!

And I have Monkeyman and O'brien too! I seem to remember liking it though it's been awhile since I read it. As I said above I'll buy almost anything Art Adams.

I don't think there is a better paring than a monkey and a sexy girl. It's simply perfect...or proof that I've seen King Kong far too many times :)


Anonymous said...

A good friend of mine, cartoonist Brian Buniak, will be doing an Angel and the Ape segment in an upcoming (not sure when) comic put out by Joe Kubert. Look for it, it'll be great!