Thursday, December 25, 2008

Seasons Greetings from No Smoking in the Skullcave!


Dr. Zaius said...

Merry Christmas, Becca!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Becca.

And upon seeing that blonde on the stool, it took me a while to see the stool. I first thought, "Dang, she's a tall drink of water."

Steve Langton said...

Hope you have a really great Xmas.

BHB said...

Happy Happy Christmas!

Erik Donald France said...

Same back at ya, Becca!

Santa Baby, indeed ;->

Megan said...

Stay warm.

You've got superpowers, right? So that shouldn't be a problem.

Nice work with the PacMan. Can't wait to see what comes up here next...

Distributorcap said...


merry xmas - two days late, can jayne mansfield decorate my tree? it is still hannukah

Swinebread said...

happy holidays !

Scurvy said...

MErry Christmas Becca! Keep up the fantastic work here!

Keith said...

I hope you had a great Christmas!

Bill Dan Courtney said...

Happy New Year Becca and best of luck in your artistic endeavors... I may not always comment on your site I check it out every time the RSS deal here shows an update... keep up the good work.


Robot Nine said...

Becca. Love your work, would like to feature nine of your images in a Robot Nine post. Let me know if interested.

Becca said...

Dr. Z-
Oh! Hope you had a nice Christmas too!!

Jayne Mansfield was perfect but thankfully not that tall ;) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!!!

Ohh!!!! A Bunny!!! Hope you had a "hoppy" christmas too :)


I wish I had those super powers! It's been cold here in the midwest...brrrr... Glad you liked the Pacman banner!

Sent Jayne over to light your menorah :)

To you too!!!

Awww thank you and hope you and the family had a great Christmas!!!

Hope you did too!!

Same here! I always look forward to checking out what is new on your sites too!!! Hope you and Ivy had a fab holiday!!!

Sounds cool! Got your email too which I will respond to shortly. Neat site!