Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some of my recent drawings.

A couple of drawings I did in the last couple of weeks :)

Space Girl Spiff

Bond Girl


Bill Dan Courtney said...

These are great. I am still not drawing :( I hope I can get inspired by things like thins. Well, the spirit is welling but the flesh is weak. I have told you you this before but you often have a coloring book style. That might sound insulting to non-artists but I hope you know I mean it in the highest form. it can be hard to maintain that stylized look and resist embellishing here and there. Like Aubrey Beardsely in a way.

I see you are following my new style horror movie blog Nectrotic Cinema. if you have an interest I have had a "private life" blog for a while at:

My life here in China. No horror movies or comic books, just me getting food poisoning all the time.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You continue to amaze me, and probably others as well, with your awesome drawings. Space Girl Spiff, wow. If I were you, though, I'd have added a y to the end of her name, because she is just so spiffy! ;) She fills out that uniform very nicely.

As to the Bond girl, I'm almost distracted by everything going on above her. I'm also enough of a gaming nerd to see you gave her the worst possible baccarat hand, she was better off with just the first two cards. With all the 007s I see in the picture, have you seen the original Casino Royale where they peppered 007s all over the place too?

Richard said...

Each new art post from you is exciting to see.

Uranium Willy, that style of cartooning is also called ligne claire by people who use snooty French art terms. ;-D It's probably my favorite style to read and you're exactly right about how hard it is. Becca though seems to have a real grasp of it!

Arkonbey said...

nice spacegirl ;)

Your hair is getting really good. Makes me think that real spacegirls would probably go with the Jean d'Arc look

Becca said...

Gotta get you drawing again! You really do have a lot of know in-between bouts of food poisoning...

And I'm not at all insulted by the coloring book thing. Alot of my drawings really do look like they are out of a coloring book. I need to do a dirty coloring book that'd be fun :)

Aubrey Beardsely rocks by the way.

She does look like a spiffy sort of gal doesn't she :) But actually the name is kind of a reference to Calvin and Hobbes. Spiffy is such a cute name though. Can't you just imagine reading a comic about the sexy fun adventures of Space Girl Spiffy!

About the Bond girl drawing...when I am bored or on the phone or in a meeting I fill pages and pages with those weird designs. I just wanted to do a drawing that incorporated them. I actually meant to make it bigger and busier but something told me to stop there.

So you play baccarat with cards then eh? I so little of a game nerd I just have no clue :) I'm all about the board games though...could play Risk and Trivial Pursuit til the cows come home.

And I actually haven't seen the original Casino Royale how funny!

Thank you! And you know I didn't actually know there was a term for that type of cartooning...that's pretty neat. I've always liked the look of Tin Tin and Willy and Wanda so that's very cool to know!

I actually went to inspect the space girl you sent after I drew her and I think she owes a bit to you :) Thank you again by the way!

Richard said...

You need to see the original 1967 Casino Royale as soon as possible! Really! Our film tastes have enough in common that I feel very safe in saying you'd like it a lot; it's one of my all-time favorites.

Neil Sarver said...

Ok, I'm kinda in love with Space Girl Spiff.

Allow me to jump in, however, and without coming off like too big a jerk say that I'm tired of the current surge of people defending the 1967 Casino Royale. I adore all of the things it's trying to be, but its an unwatchable mess, just as tradition always suggest it was.

Now, the 1956 TV version, that's kind of keen. If Bond had been a Brit, I'd have no complaints at all.

Becca said...

I've seen all the Bond movies except that one so I figure it will happen sooner or has an interesting cast.

Aww the highest compliment!

Oh wow Peter Lorre...sounds like enough of a reason for me to check the 56 version out!

Richard said...

I do just want to say -- and I'm not suggesting Neil said anything to the contrary, but merely to clarify my own position -- I'm not part of any "current surge" in favor of this film. I wasn't actually aware such a surge existed. Nor do I like the film in any ironic or post-modern or "it's so bad it's good" way. I've always found Casino Royale genuinely funny.

I can accept that someone else may find it an unwatchable mess, and I wouldn't dream of arguing over matters of personal taste...but my opinions are sincerely held and all my own, and not based on following trends or fashions.

Neil Sarver said...

And to clarify, understanding that it was already understood that I had not said anything to the contrary, I did not mean to suggest that RAB is part of any "current surge". I know that some people do and have enjoyed this movie through the years, and they are more than welcome to the difference in opinion. We all have them.

Admittedly, the movie frustrates me more than the average, because I feel that somewhere in there, I should be the target. I love silly '60s styled movies. I'm a big fan of Woody Allen, including from that period. John Huston is literally my favorite director, including being an active apologist for many of his more controversial works. I love big crazy, kooky messes. But somehow, Casino Royale just feels lifeless to me.

Spin the Moon said...

A little late, but I think Space Girl Spiff is just plain awesome. I love how her hair is snaking out in zero gravity and the little breathing apparatus is pretty cool, too!