Thursday, January 08, 2009

Camp TV vs The Family Feud

Just a few reasons why The Family Feud was awesome and unbelievably bad all at the same time....

Whats Happening?


Welcome Back Kotter


The Love Boat


Anonymous said...

Ah, that takes me back. I remember when they'd run old episodes of this on the USA cable network.

Celebrities playing for their charities, and actually looking like a portrait as the "family" is introduced, man how times have changed.

This also reminds me of the British version (Family Fortune, I believe) I saw clips of during the funniest moments in game show special I saw a few years back. One guy answered turkey for 3 straight answers in the "fast money" round, getting 0, 0, and 21 as his responses.

wiec? said...

i got all 3 seasons of What's Happening for xmas this year.

when Rerun tries to make the bootleg copy of a Doobie Brothers concert now that's awesome and a little bit unbelievably bad.

Becca said...

I used to watch it back then too! Don't think I've seen it since. And I didn't know there was a British funny! Everything American on TV seems to be based on a British original.

Soooo Cool! I watched this show in reruns every day when I got home from school as a kid. And it really does still hold up!

My favorite moment is when Rog and Rerun move in together and Rerun gets the ugly patterened couch, stating it was a good investment since it would hide pizza stains.

I have a What's Happening drawing people always seem to love, check it out...

VZ1 said...

Man, the Welcome Back, Kotter "family" sure is pitiful - what gives? No Vinnie, no Boom-Boom, no Juan Epstein... at least there's Horshack and the guy who did the voice for Roger Rabbit.

I'm rooting for WKRP.

Anonymous said...


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