Thursday, January 08, 2009

El Fantastico Mudo: De Los Hippies

Also with 50 authentic hippies...


Ghost Dansing said...

grievious angel.....

ThoughtCriminal said...

Santo Contra Los Hippies!

Joe said...

I can almost smell the weed, B.O. and patchouli from here...and I'm reaching for a bottle of Quell shampoo in case they get too close.

Becca said...

I am a big fan of Gram Parsons, thanks for the link can't wait to check it out :)

Holy crap that is the coolest idea for a movie EVER! You know I heard the actor who plays Santo runs a video store in Vegas, you can walk in and there is memorablia all over the place plus he just works there. Seems like a very cool guy.

Oh god, oh god, oh god! That sounds soooo terrible! They do this thing here in DeKalb called the Chili Solstice. It's basically a party attended by hundreds of hippies and pro-hippie people gathering to eat chili and they have live music. I've always kind of figured you must be able to smell the B.O., Patchouli and Chili from a mile away...Ugh hippies are gross...

ThoughtCriminal said...

Unfortunately, Santo is no longer around to protect us from vampires, mummies, Martians or hippies.
According to one of the fan sites, El Santo died from a heart attack on Feb. 5, 1984.

Whoa Pink! said...

Santo was not an actor. Long before Hulk Hogan made a crossover from wrestlign to TV, El Santo made its entry from Mexican Lucha Libre into movies. He's Mexico's most famous luchador. And yes, he died almost 25 years ago, nearly a week after he revealed his face on a TV show.

And of course, this had to be a Juan Orol movie... what a wonderful director.

Becca said...

ThoughtCriminal & Whoa-
Gosh I was mislead...ack geek cred slipping away... a friend of mine visited that store I mentioned and the dude behind the counter claimed to be Santo.

Of course now that I think about it he would be pretty old if he were still alive. Guess I just wanted to believe the story cause I love the idea that Santo is still out there running a video store and fighting crazy monsters in his spare time. Now that would make a supremely cool movie!

And I did know he was a Luchador before he was in the movies, I just kind of used a poor choice of words there. Not that I'm an expert on the topic...

ThoughtCriminal said...

Becca - I think it's sort of like Elvis. Thousands kept seeing him years after his death. The fact that "Elvis Impersonator" was the seventh highest job category in was not a satisfactory explanation. Now, it is possible that after his face was revealed, he had to fake his death so he could continue to fight evil! There's your movie.

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