Sunday, January 18, 2009

Geek Carnival 3 Plus 2 other drawings!

Here it is Geek Carnival #3, hope you enjoy!

And here are a couple other drawings from the last couple weeks, the first is ink and the second is sketch and wash pencil.


Arkonbey said...

The last drawing is very nice. You're showing a good understanding of light and dark and not just line. Watch the hierarchies of the light and dark, though. Eyes are the focus of most people's faces. But, the fact that they are the darkest things in the drawing pulls the viewer there and doesn't give them any reason to look at the rest of the drawing (which has some really nice moments).

Darius Whiteplume said...

I always love your comic art. Very cool.

Becca said...

Thanks for the critique. I got a couple sketch and wash pencils for Christmas and I've been trying to teach myself how to use them. I'm not quite there yet but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.

They really are neat pencils though!

Becca said...

Thanks! That's really cool of you to say!

Steve Ring said...

Cool. Do you use board with the wash pencil or paper?

Erik Donald France said...


BHB said...

I hope 50ft woman remembers to wax ;)

Krista said...

All of your work is awesome but, that last drawing is FANTASTIC.

Steve said...

very nice!

Anonymous said...

Wowza! More of Becca's awesome art!

I shall now give it my anonymous critique...

First up, the 50 ft. redhead. I will now quote from a movie "Daddy, I want to go on THAT ride." I am a sucker for redheads (real or drawn), and I would probably be one of the few running towards her.

Second, the cowgirl. I love the overall pic, but there's one, and only one thing that seems off to me. Her chaps probably shouldn't be showing as much fringe around the hips on both sides. One side with that much fringe is fine, but with as much fringe as is showing, it looks like she's wearing a size too small for her, and she swung them around front.

Third, the sketch. Great googily moogily. That is awesome. Very realistic, I want to run my fingers through her hair and kiss the nape of her neck. Dang, this one rocked me like nobody's business.

Keep up the good work, Becca.

Bill Dan Courtney said...

Becca As always great stuff. The 5o Foot Woman drawing really captures the spirit of the film in a strange way. Good work.

I sort of have some bad news. The Uranium Cafe bit the dust due to hosting issues. Issues like I got screwed over. Anyway, I have been all day rebuilding it on a Blogger site and I hope you will come by there sometime. I backed up most of my posts, pics and writing, becasue of prior fiascos and so I will get stuff back up and add new material as well.

The new URL is:

I am a bloggerphile now. Maybe you can change the link on my most lovely banner you made for me :)

Take care and I hope to see you there someday


Ghost Dansing said...

i like the pictures too....

Becca said...

Thanks! I've been using a light weight bristol board and not a whole lot of the board won't wrinkle or bow. They really are great pencils!

Thank you!!!

Hah! Have you ever seen the poster for that movie? I have always wondered what kind of underwear she was wearing...if any...

Where do you find panties to fit a 50ft woman anyways?

Wow that's really cool of you to say! I don't do realistic stuff that often so it's nice to hear people think I'm doing an okay job :)

Thank you so much!

Who isn't a sucker for a redhead especially with a bust line like that :) I love the idea of an over smitten person running toward her and hugging her leg...

You are right on the fringe and I totally thought the same thing when I was drawing it but I just decided to go with it. Her stance is a bit wonky too but I kind of like the energy. Thanks for the critique it's really great to get all this excellent feedback!! It really helps me develop and grow.

And I am so glad people like the realistic pic! I don't draw realistic very often but I enjoy it when I do. Thanks so much for the kind words!!!

Oh man you have the worst luck with websites! I will definitely link the new blog as soon as I get a chance. Glad you dug the 50ft woman!!! Oh and I hope you have more luck with the new site!!!

Ghost Dansing-
Awww thank you!

Anonymous said...

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Dick Danger said...

Nice a 'toonist who also is
an artist, self portrait ??

With you sence of hummor I wish you could be my girl friend

and ummm they dont make size 2000 panties for the 50ft woman
that is the point, she had to go
skin color comando.

like she told her husband when she was twenty feet "dont you have any imagination?"

Unknown said...

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