Thursday, January 15, 2009

Number 6 finally made his way off the island...

Patrick McGoohan passed away yesterday at the age of 80 and to celebrate the of a very cool actor here are 5 facts you may or may not have known about the man...

1. He was the first choice for the roles of Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy (which went to Ian McKellen) and Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films (which went to Richard Harris and later to Michael Gambon after Harris' death) but turned them down. He also turned down the role of James Bond in Live and Let Die.

2. He appeared as 4 different murderers on 4 different episodes of Columbo. Of those 4 episodes he directed 3 and was considered at one point as a replacement for Peter Falk when he wanted to leave the show.

3. He Liked to drink Irish whiskey at 217 bar in Santa Monica, owned by burlesque great Betty Rowland.

4. For 1967's The Prisoner, he sometimes used the name Joseph Serf for directing credits and Paddy Fitz for writing credits. Paddy is a nickname for Patrick while Fitz was derived from his mother's maiden name, Fitzpatrick.

5. Reprised his The Prisoner character, Number Six in a Simpsons episode The Computer Wore Menace Shoes.


Arkonbey said...

Be seeing you!

Steve said...

i was so caught up in Mr Roarke/Khan passing I did not hear this sad news.

Doc said...

Why am I not surprised to read that Patrick McGoohan drank whiskey?

I've seen a couple the Columbo episodes he was on, although I can't picture him as Bond.


Richard said...

I'm surprised you didn't also mention in the first item that McGoohan was the original choice of George Lucas to play Emperor Palpatine!

(Ian McDiarmid wasn't too shabby either, and in his performance you can see why Lucas had been thinking of Pat originally -- they have a certain vague similarity.)

Anonymous said...

He shall be missed.

I was thrilled when my mother told me that Secret Agent and The Prisoner were two of her father's favorite shows after she found me watching them on PBS. I never got to meet my grandfather, so it was nice to have at least some common interests. I know my mother was very fond of him.

Becca said...

That one sentence just totally gives me the creeps.

Yeah I heard about Ricardo just after McGoohan! It's too sad! He was such a wonderful actor...but my favorite role of his was Guitierrez on Freakazoid! Of course it was kind of a Khan parody so...

I could see him as Bond more the way he was written but certainly not in the tongue in cheek, Sgt Pepper featuring Moore era Bind films.

Columbo is an underated show I think. I always watch those marathons when I can catch them. I especially like the movies they made. Shatner was always sooo much fun in them!

I had never heard that but what an interesting choice! I would have loved to see that. But yeah McDiarmid did a pretty good job too!

I love that there is sort of this theory that he was playing the same character in Danger Man and The Prisoner. I know McGoohan said it wasn't but the Prisoner co-creator claimed it was.

What a neat connection to have with your grandfather!

Erik Donald France said...

Cool stuff. Now as good a time as any to plug The Moonshine War, even though I last saw it when I was about nine years old. I still remember! Thanks for this post!

Dean Wormer said...

That is really sad.

Don't forget Bob "Robbie the Robot" also passed away.

I bet it was something Dr. Smith did.

Becca said...

Oh man I've never heard of The Moonshine war but based on that title I must see it!

Oh my god I hadn't heard that yet! That's sooo sad!!!

And no it wasn't Smith it was clearly Smith's doppleganger Zeno.

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