Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Glamorous Side of Yvonne DeCarlo


MC said...


Word Verification: splat

Wings1295 said...

Wowzers! What a looker...

Steve Ring said...

She got her start dancing in a chorus line. It seems like a lot of her movies were big at the time but are pretty obscure, now. She was in The Ten Commandments, though

Joe said...


Arkonbey said...

So, this is her glamorous side. I couldn't see how she'd have an un-glamorous side!

word verification: hylaudi. Sounds like a greeting by an obscure race in one of those fantasy novels the size of a Guetenberg bible.

PJ said...

I love how she smoulders in the 1st pic.

wiec? said...

wasn't she married to a frankenstein on tv?

Anonymous said...

You mean she wasn't glamorous in the Munsters? You wouldn't guess she looked like this though. Or even from her appearance in McClintock, where she looked nice, but not smoldering. I really, really like the first two pictures.

Anonymous said...

I was born 30 years too late.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Sad to think that the actress I remember as Miriam (Moses' wife from The Ten Commandments) and Lily Hyde (from the Munsters) died two years ago.

I agree with rubyinthedust, I was born 30 years too late as well.

Nathan said...

Anonymous: Wasn't Miriam Moses' sister? Yvonne played Sephorah (or, as she's called in most Bible translations I've seen, Zipporah), who was indeed Moses' wife.

Adam said...

Nothing to do with Yvonne De Carlo, but the regular Fabulous magazine with today's News of the World features not only Dita Von Teese on the cover, but also an article about her. Thought you might be interested, so here's a link to the article...

Anonymous said...

Crap, yeah, misremembered there. (At least I got in the right generation of names. Would've been bad if I'd have said Methuselah's wife's name, or some such thing. I guess Miriam's name stands out to me more than Zipporah. I shall now go hang my head in shame, for mistakenly accusing Moses of marrying his sister.

Nathan said...

Not that there wasn't some of that going in the Bible as well.

Becca said...


Wowzers indeed!

Didn't remember the chorus line thing but I bet she was amazing! I've never seen Ten Commandments but I've seen pictures of her from the beautiful in any role.

Let me add the extra hubba :)

Good point she always seemed beautiful and poised no matter what role she took on.

Gosh there have been some really excellent word verifications lately.

You never can have too much smouldering! So beautiful, like darling PJ :)

She was indeed...

She was so lovely in the Munsters but I've always felt she played kind of a poised mother figure, less glamour more baking spider apple pies :)

Boy I bet that was some episode of McClintock ;)

I would have loved to see her in the flesh back in the day. So beautiful!

Yeah, I just adored her on The Munsters! I really think she is one of the pop culture figures who helped shape me into the woman I am today :)

IMDB to the rescue! Yeah it credits her as Sephora.

Yeah! More Dita!!! Thank you for the link...I can not even begin to describe how much you rock.

Hah, sounds like the new Adam Sandler comedy. Moses accidentaliy marries his sister with hilarious consiquences...

Yeah! The bible is a bit twisted when you sit down and read it.

Anonymous said...

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