Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Guess that Movie Week 75: 80's Fantasy Movie Edition!

This week I have posted quotes from various 80's fantasy movies, just tell me what movie the quote is from to get credit for the answer.

Here are the rules:
If you know or think you know an answer leave your guess in the comments section. As people guess I will grey it out and give them credit (using google to find the answers will disqualify you(...I know all and see all...), the person who has the most correct guesses each week will get a fun movie genius award to decorate their blog. Any person who wins 5 weeks (consecutive or non-consecutive) will earn a Movie Master award and must then refrain from guessing for 5 weeks.

Now on to the guessing!

1. "It is a lonely life, the way of the necromancer... oh, yes. Lacrimae Mundi - the tears of the world." Jason C

2. "I have always valued my lifelessness." Evil

3. "Sir, the truth is, I talk to God all the time, and, no offense, but He never mentioned you." John

4. "I don't like boats. I don't like water. I'm a man not a fish." Jason B

5. "Call no man happy who is not dead!" Airport

6. "He marches us towards a solid face of rock. The man has raisins in his braincase." Evil

7. "It's so stimulating being your hat." Ben

8. "The video arcade is down the street. Here we just sell small rectangular objects. They're called books. They require a little effort on your part, and make no bee-bee-bee-bee-beeps. On your way please." Ben

9. "Hold her to you, for she is part of you, as we all are part of each other." SamuraiFrog

10. "We are men of action, lies do not become us." Airport

11. "There comes a time, thief, when the jewels cease to sparkle, when the gold loses its luster, when the throne room becomes a prison, and all that is left is a father's love for his child." Evil

12. "Magic is the bloodstream of the universe. Forget all you know, or think you know. All that you require is your intuition." Jason C

13. "Dead? No excuse for laying off work." John

14. "You are much too beautiful a girl to let yourself be broken into food for the royal dogs."

15. "May be innocent, may be sweet... ain't half as nice as rotting meat." John

Oh another tie! Congrats to the amazing John and the super swell When is Evil Cool? Who both had 3 correct guesses this week! I bow to you movie know-how! You may collect your awards below:



Thanks to everyone for playing this week and drop on by next Tuesday for more movie guessing fun!


Steve said...

dang I know #10 and cant think of it

John said...

3 is one of the coolest lines from Ladyhawke,
13 is one of the coolest lines from Time Bandits...
and I think 15 is from Legend (just passing by, anyway - hi)

Ben Varkentine said...

I think:

7 is from Labyrinth

8 is from The Neverending Story

12 is from Krull

I thought 11 was from Ladyhawke but John seems so sure...

wiec? said...

2. return to oz
6. krull
8. neverending story (?)
11. conan the barbarian
13. time bandits

this was a hard week. sheesh.

airport_whiskey said...

#10 The Princess Bride.

Megan said...

10 is Princess Bride

Megan said...


Anonymous said...

Number 4 is Highlander...

Jason Chalker said...

1. Excalibur
4. Highlander
9. Dragonslayer(?)
12. Willow(?)
14. Conan the Destroyer(?)

Man! Wish I'd gotten here earlier. I knew 10, 11 & 15 too. Damn!

SamuraiFrog said...

9. The Dark Crystal

Anonymous said...

Dang it. I will kick myself when I find out what these are. I only recognize #8 right now and it's already been listed.

That, however, will not stop me from posting my guess.

9) The Dark Crystal

Anonymous said...

Crap, my verbosity cost me the answer to #9... curse my varied and vexing vocabulary.

Penh said...

Boy, it's a good thing I can't take part in this one, because I totally knew every single one of those, yup. All of 'em. Reports that I only recognized #12 (instead of all of them, which I did) are vicious rumors spread by people of low moral character.

airport_whiskey said...

#5 Clash of the Titans

I knew it from somewhere, just had to roll it around in the brain for a day...

Anonymous said...

#15 is "W" directed by Oliver Stone?

Arkonbey said...

15: Legend!

Mayren said...

dammit i know 7 is Labyrinth - the hat of the wiseman and
15 is Legend.

already guessed. :(

Becca said...

And the answers are:

1. Excalibur
2. Return to Oz
3. Ladyhawke
4. Highlander
5. Clash of the Titans
6. Krull
7. Labyrinth
8. The Neverending Story
9. The Dark Crystal
10. The Princess Bride
11. Conan the Barbarian
12. Willow
13. Time Bandits
14. Barbarian Queen
15. Legend

Arkonbey said...

so close, yet so far away.

wiec? said...

thanks for the award and the super cool game! can't wait for next week. tic toc tic toc :)

Anonymous said...

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