Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lego Chestburster = SWEET!

This must have been fun to make...


Arkonbey said...

that is entirely made of awesome.

Anonymous said...

Someone has too much time on their hands.

Arkonbey said...

begin artspeak:

Why did you say that? Sure, it isn't a Bernini, but it is sculpture. It is not a throw-away piece of junk; for what it is, it is elegant and well-worked.

Is it the medium that bothers you? If he'd done the alien chest burster in fine marble or rare wood or gold would you say the same thing?

Or, is it the subject matter? Do you spell Art with an "A" rather than an "a"? If he'd done a pieta out of Lego would you question his use of time?

To be sure, it doesn't belong in the Prado or the National Gallery, I would not want it on my sand I am certainly not a post-modernist and find sculpture made with found objects or mass-produced media such as Lego suspect at times. But, thought and, more importantly, craft went into the creation and construction of this object and that is at least worthy of consideration.

end artspeak.

Anonymous said...


First off, I never considered it "junk." And the medium doesn't really bother me. Shoot, if I had the custom pieces, and enough motivation, I could've pulled off something similar. If it was done in wood, I might not have said the same thing, but if it was gold, I probably would have.

The subject matter in and of itself is not the consideration. If someone did the Mona Lisa, the Eiffel Tower, or Michaelangelo's David in Lego style, I would say they have too much time on their hands as well. (Yes, I know of Legoland)

I guess part of me is still stuck when my Art teacher covered that whatever medium you use, express yourself. To me, this does not express anything outstanding, but I do see it as a tribute to the Alien. If this is supposed to be a window into the artist's soul, quite frankly this is as close as I want to get.

Becca said...

I admit I always enjoy the amazing things people can concoct out of legos even if they are recreations of an existing piece of artwork.

This is an interesting discussion though that I've had with various close friends on different occasions. What can you consider art?

Can crafts be considered pieces of art...even if they are made using a kit? I mean no matter how you create it you are still creating something with your hands...putting a piece of yourself into something...using it to express something to yourself and the world.

So what is art? Honestly I have no idea how to define art, I only know what I like...stating the obvious right :)

In anycase I can respect the alien lego sculpture as someone trying to express themselves. It's even something I like enough to proudly display in my home...but I admit I'm kind of a nut who has very unusual taste.