Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh those wacky Japanese products


airport_whiskey said...

Somebody has been shopping at Don Quixote.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

I had those last ones when I lived in Japan. The characters were creepy. I remember seeing toys that involved the guys creeping into women's bedrooms and stuff.

Nathan said...

So, it looks like we have a goose head for your crotch, a hat that knocks out businesswomen, pub snacks for raccoon/dolphin hybrids, ape mucus, and Doritos for possibly gay superheroes.

VZ1 said...

Does "Doritos" mean "to stomp on a man's balls" in Japanese?

Richard said...

Um...drunken panda-fish snacks?

My brain just broke.

Dash MacBastard said...

DORITOS! Tastier than an upside down kick in the nuts!

Anonymous said...

Now I don't speak any Japanese, but according to the cartoon on the last package, Doritos are the new gay date-rape drug!

Mike Lynch said...

This blog is soooo cool.

libhom said...

I wonder if the "Gorilla Boogers" is translated into Japanese. That would likely diminish appetites.

Keith said...

I'm always intrigued by Japanese products.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I've held back on comments, but something finally clicked in my head that made me choose to comment, so let's do this item by item.

Swan cock-guard: Nope, not even if you paid me to wear it.

White & Red Panties Tug of War: I don't care if they're shown that way, the game is much more fun if the panties are worn normally.

Crispy noodle snack: Um... drunk or sober manatee/panda/whatever... yeah, probably not for me.

Gorilla boogers: I would try those in a heart beat. It's like when I was younger and my sister called stuffed peppers "monkey brains." Some times you've got to make the food sound weird to get kids interested.

Black Corn Doritos: Dude, that is not the proper way to execute the nutcracker.

Scurvy said...

SInce when does "The Phantom" endorse a shot to the pills?

Becca said...

Hmmm not sure what it is but I suddenly have the urge to go there...

Those characters are CREEPY! Ugh I wonder what else they've endorsed and where they came from?

Possibly gay?

Why yes it does ;) (Laughed out loud for like a minute!)

Yeah those creatures are wayy tooooo creepy!

Ha! Say I wonder how an upside down kick in the nuts tastes? Er...maybe not...

Oh man! I wonder if they look like traditional Doritos or if there like all pink and shit.

Awwww! Glad you dug the weird Japanese fun!

Good question...then again they eat some pretty interesting food in Asia so...

Yeah me too! I always want to taste them but often regret it.

"Swan cock-guard" YES! What the fuck is that? Why are they using a lady to advertise it? Soooo creepy!

Yeah who exactly came up with that panties game? They should market it to frat boys in the US. Bet it would fly off the shelf. don't suppose it's actually made of manitee do you?

I've never been good with the phony gross food. Bertie Bots beans just make me want to puke...Had to eat them for work once. One of my co-workers actually did puke.

Is that it? They are black corn doritos? Oh yeah I can see that now. I wanted them to be pink with sparkles or something...

Ha! They should be the official snack chip of the skullcave :)

Nathan said...

The snacks aren't just made from manatees, but from DRUNKEN manatees!

And I guess I find the picture on the Doritos bag to be somewhat homoerotic. Or maybe it's just what aviators do on their time off.

Ellen Aim said...

I'm totally in love with the lipsticked panda-seal beer-guzzling snacks. Must. Have.