Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Okay I was skeptical at first....

...but then I keep seeing images like this from the Watchmen movie and now I can't wait to see it!

and there is a classic Silk Spectre action figure comming soon!


Arkonbey said...

I like the guy on her left who's blatantly checking her out.

word verification: boost.

Boring when it's a real word :(

Nathan said...

I actually just recently started reading "Watchmen." If I'm finished with it by the time the movie comes out (I don't have much left to read, but the copy I was reading belonged to the library where I no longer work, so I'll have to find another one), I might well watch it.

Splotchy said...

I would feel remiss if I didn't comment on this post.


Thomas Pluck said...
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Thomas Pluck said...

Very cool. You can play the original Silk Spectre in the 8-bit flash arcade game on their site, too.

She doesn't look quite as good in pixels, but...

Anonymous said...

Okay, this just shows I need to reread my Watchmen book (Complete Edition, if I remember correctly). I did NOT recognize the Silk Spectre on the banner.

I definitely like the fact that technology has advanced far enough that the Mars scene can be done justice, but I'm afraid cinematography had receded far enough that the rest of the film is gonna be bad. Part of it, I guess is I always heard Rorschach's voice when I read it as Steve Buscemi's. Of all the actors in movies I've seen, Buscemi would do Rorschach justice.

I'm also of the mindset that The Watchmen would have been better off as an HBO miniseries. There's too much going on to compress it down into a reasonable watching time.

Becca said...

That is my absolute favorite detail! That's the kind of detail that makes me look forward to seeing this movie!

Ha! Boost! I love getting real words in the verify.

Sneak into a bookstore, maybe you can finish it :) It reall is a wonderful graphic novel!

Never looking dreamier than she has in this movie!!!!

Wow...hard to go back to 16 pixels once you've had more. It was fun though...she has such a cute kick :) Thanks for the link! Great banner on your blog by the way :)

I have to agree with you and HBO mini-series type thing would probably have served the material best. Hell even Zack Snyder says the movie will be at least an hour longer on DVD cause he couldn't fit everything in. And if I'm being honest I'm still a bit annoyed by how young Malin Ackerman is...but I'm willing to give this thing a chance based on everything else I've seen.

I'm not sure exactly how I pictured Rorschach but I could certainly see a Steve Buscemi type in the role.

Scurvy said...

All I have to say so far is thank God they changed up her hair a little. That was one thing I couldn't stand about her look in the GN. Great story tho, and I am really looking forward to seeing it.

word verification: boodened. Not a real word but let's give it a definition...

boodened: v, 1. to booden, past tense. "Oooh! Boodened right in the taint! He's gonna feel that in the morning!"'s been a long winter.

Nathan said...

Why do I imagine that as being an Australian slang term?

My word is "exagu," by the way. Sounds like an alien overlord.

Anonymous said...



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