Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sexy Batgirl drawing anyone?

Drew this Batgirl tonight and I just really loved the angle. Barbara Gordon should only wear purple I think.

I also posted a Wonder Woman drawing over on the new Amazon Princess Site. It's a great new blog devoted to all things Wonder Woman, check it out!


Doc said...

I love the drawing but I'm wondering what her left hand is doing?


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I like all that junk in her trunk. :)

BonK! said...

Doc, it's obvious that outfit is snug... perhaps a little too snug, riding up around that badonkadonk.

Becca, what costume material did you intend to convey here? I really like the look/texture you gave it.

It looks (to me) like a woven, natural material instead of the typical woven, man-made lycra/spandex or sewn sheets of vinyl/plastic/leather.

Rol said...

Excellent work as ever, Becca.

Anonymous said...

New here.:) Love that drawing! She looks hot!:)

Jason Chalker said...

Niiiiiice. I agree, the purple looks really good with the red hair.

Joe said...

Batgirl got back.

ThoughtCriminal said...

Purple good - but no red hat.

Anonymous said...

Holy voluptuous Batman!

Arkonbey said...

Oh, great! Instead of boobs, I have to ogle hips! Oh, wait, there are also WW boobs on the other site.

Serious critique: Your hair, as always in great with a real feel of volume. Your spot blacks are also working really well. The only place I would work is the hand. It is correct (maybe small?), but it's placement is rather boring and doesn't fit the dynamic motion of the figure.

verification word: readium (Re. Element. The basic building block of letters)

Becca said...

I kind of pictured her doing one of those Ralph Bakshi-esque struts but I alos like BonK's explaination that the suit is a bit tight and riding up :)

Dr. Monkey-
No girl could ever have too much junk in their trunk.

Ha! Yeah I like your explaination :) She's super uncomfortable but wearing it well :)

Initially when I drew this in black and white I thought it looked a little plain. I didn't want to color the suit black for fear I would loose some of the wrinkles, so I added the texture to make it a bit more interesting to look at. I guesses I just wanted it to look super thin but rough all at the same time.

Can you imagine a leather version of this suit? Hubba, hubba.

thank you man!

Well thank you for stopping by! And thanks for the kind words :)

Red heads always look amazing in purple! Unless you are carrot top of course...but that goes without saying I hope.

Who would have known?

Red hat?

Now, now do you suppose Robin would even notice the bottom of a girl ;) Been watching too much Burt Ward lately I guess.

As long as I give you something to ogle I feel I have accomplished something ;)

Yeah those damn hands are so fucking hard! (oops not so ladylike...) I'm working on it though and eventually I'll get it. Or maybe I just need to draw bigger and bigger boobs to draw attention away from the hands ;) THanks again for the honest critique :)

Redium sounds like something out of a cheesy comic book from the 60's.

Holy crap my word verification is faties! I kid you not!

ThoughtCriminal said...

Becca - I should explain. It is from a poem by Jenny Joseph that has these lines: "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple/With a red hat which doesn't go and doesn't suit me... "

There's a bit of a cult about it:
Red Hat Society

Bubbashelby said...

Babs does look best in purple! Awesome illustration!

Anonymous said...


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Dave M! said...

A project I haven't had time to finish:

An indication of how I'd color it

david_b said...

So very HOT.

Batgirl in my dreams.