Monday, February 02, 2009

Shaun of the DEAD!

A recent Shaun of the Dead drawing I did. I had a lot of fun drawing all the little zombies in the background.


VZ1 said...

Add another trophy to your already full awards sidebar. I've given you a Dardos Award at retrospace.

One day we'll make big money off this gig. Till then let's collect fake trophies!

Undead Film Critic said...

Am I back there? You know, I am awfully photogenic.

Trix said...

I have a weakness for zombies, and this heartwarming scene is adorable.

Anonymous said...

After seeing the trailer for this, it is in my top 5 movies to see.

Awesome art Becca, and you didn't sexify anyone... this makes me sad, sometimes the best zombies are the chicks, except in Zombie Strippers, that movie did a disservice to hot zombie babes. However, you did draw an awesome piece that I've saved, and I'll get over my sadness afterwhile, and only have glee.

Becca said...

Oh my god thank you! And yeah someday we will be living high off this internet gig ;)

I think you are somewhere behind Ed. You can see your hand but I think your head got cut off ;)

Awww thank you! Zombies are the ginchiest.

It is an awesomely wonderful movie! I love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, two of the funniest guys out there!!!

You know I don't think I've ever drawn a sexy girl thats on my to do list. And thank you for the feedback on Zombie Strippers I saw the box and admit I was slightly curious but hadn't rented it know don't think I will now :)

Anonymous said...

Becca, technically your Bride (or is it Girlfriend) of Frankenstein is a sexy zombie, she just doesn't have the normal craving for brains due to how her unlife began.

Arkonbey said...

The little baby zombie in the lower left is the creepiest!

I really like the solidity of the figures. The poses have real weight

Anonymous said...

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