Thursday, February 19, 2009

Toyfare Coolness

Here are a couple of really swell statues and toys that debuted at Toyfare this weekend.

Adam Hughes' Zatana

Mangafied Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn

Sheena Queen of the Jungle!



Anonymous said...

That Doc Savage one is pretty sweet, they've captured a lot of detail on it and it's a pretty neat pose to boot :)

Richard said...

It's very James Bama.

I think I'm glad it's not a manga Doc. (But can you imagine how much fun the Japanese could have with the duo of Monk and Ham? I can't believe they haven't already done that...)

wiec? said...

I'd have to with the Zantana one. i never understood Zantana's super hero get up. I mean i like it but it must be awfully drafty.

word verification: outie

Anonymous said...

Might as well comment on the pics, since I'm here...

Zatanna - I have a sudden urge to be a sidekick.

Wonder Woman w/ Zatanna in background - What in the...? What have they done to Wonder Woman? Yikes. At least when they Japan-ified Spiderman he didn't look THAT different. And I'm surprised that the Japanese version of Zatanna has more clothes on than the American...
Harley - NO, NO, NO! This is a travesty of a sham of a mockery. Yes, this is a trav-sham-ockery.
Sheena - Wowza. While I'm a diehard redhead man, she's at least making me reconsider.
Doc Savage - that figure is like a cross between Kenny Rogers, Indiana Jones, and Chuck Norris in levels of awesomeness.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

I really hate the mangafication of DC and Marvel characters. I guess that stems from my formative comics-reading years of the early 90s, just before everything went all big-eyed and cartoony. Buy hey, each to their own!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for following the blog! I'm following yours back and linking to you. :)

Some new stuff is being posted today!



Cahya said...

That's good picture's.

Becca said...

Yes! Like the best drawings come to life!

Ugh manga Doc? That is just such an awful idea! Lets hope no one does that...EVER! I can just see Doc in my head with one of those giant beads of sweat on his head.

Yes! But she's got fishnets and a top hat!!!! I could deal with the cold if I could wear a top hat!

Outie :) Mine is nestfula...

Holy crap I did not even realize that was Zatana til you pointed it out. I actually like the Wondy and the Harley but the Zatana just seems wrong somehow.

I love the word trav-sham-ockery though...think we need to make that happen.

I don't mind the mangafication as long as they do something interesting with the characters. They is WAAAAY too much crappy manga out there but there is also the occasional good series/ creator/ artist. I guess I'm easy that way. I think there is a place for it all :)

THank you! You have a pretty neat blog and I really enjoy reading :)

Yeah there are some pretty great images here.

Anonymous said...

@ Becca

I enjoy reading your blog, too! I think that you have a great sense of humour, and I love your style! We like a lot of the same weird-but-cool things. :)

I must visit more often... and comment!


Unknown said...

love that zatanna statue. She's going to be on Smallville this month!

Anonymous said...


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