Sunday, March 08, 2009

Geek Carnival 10

I'm ashamed to admit this one is a bit autobiographical...from the hair to the drooling over toys...


Anonymous said...

No worries, Becca, Batdude affects all hetero- and bi- women that way, after all, he's the f#*%ing Batdude.

Nice to see there's two versions, regular, and "with DARK", which apparently is a lightbulb.

Love the Wii-wii system w/ Cthulu Terrarium, now you too can grow your own madness gaze inducing elder god!

Is that a Snoopy plushy in the bin?

Love the Dilbert dinosaurs.

And, um, Becca, the Star Trek shirt and bootylicious pants made me wonder if the quote was you saying it about the toys or me saying it about you. *sigh* I really need to get out more.

Verification word: amesse
How an Italian describes my pants after seeing this pic and the Sally Jupiter pics, they're amesse.

Joe said...

Very cool! It reminds me of our eldest, who just came back from working the Troma booth at the Fangoria con in Rosemont. She walked in the door all hyper from the show, waving an autographed photo of Herschell Gordon Lewis.

MC said...

See, that is me looking through video games at a store... though I recently discovered that I have some toy lust myself.

Nathan said...

Cute! And I wouldn't mind playing Cthulhu Terrarium.

EL FAMOUS said...

Is it wrong i'm jealous of both the Batman figure and Cthulhu?

Steve said...

i think it is auto biographical for a lot of us!

Becca said...

I think I want to see someone make a movie called the fucking batdude. I bet it would be more fun then Watchmen Babies ;)

It is Snoopy! He just kind of pops into my drawings sometimes.

The dinosaur is actually based on a character from my Super Hip Girls comic. He breathes clouds that look like wonky girafes...

Awww you are too sweet :)

Ha! Amesse! Or it could be the anti-Don know Ron Amesse...ack not even close to being funny :)

Man I miss that Fangoria convention every year...I am a bad fangirl ;) Again your eldest sounds very cool!!!

Ha yeah I could see that! And holy cow that's a cool toy! 20 points of articulation? SWEET!

Me too someone should soooo make that game!

El Famous-
I'm starting to wonder if I can even draw anything that isn't suggestive ;)

Yeah no's nice to know there are other wacko toy collectors out there.

Dash MacBastard said...

IT'S ME! With multicolored hair! And boobs...
Nice ones.

Anonymous said...

Well, Becca, only reason I called them Dilbert dinosaurs was that, to me, they resembled the dinosaurs that they really reminded me of Bob the Dinosaur from the comic strip Dilbert. Some people might remember his proficiency in giving wedgies.

Arkonbey said...

hey, GeekGirl ;)

have you been here yet?

More action figure-y, but he's got some interesting new stuff.

Becca said...

Toy geeks are the best!

They do indeed look like Bob! I honestly didn't think about that :) Influences all around us eh?

YES! I just found this site like last week...though I can't remember how now...brown cow...sorry couldn't help it. Thanks for thinking of!!!!

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