Monday, March 16, 2009

Geek Carnival 11

This week's Geek Carnival was inspired by a meme that Piper over on Lazy Eye Theater started up called; The Impossible Truth Behind Snake Plissken's Eye Patch. If anyone else out there wants to think up a clever origin story for Snake's eyepatch join in the fun and post it on your blog!


Wings1295 said...

Becca - Very cute! That didn't even dawn on me, and I have watched A Christmas Story SO many times. Very clever!

ThoughtCriminal said...

Ask Captain Ron.

Dash MacBastard said...

As disturbingly geeky as it sounds; Snake Plissken's cycloptic origins are detailed in the original Escape From New York movie novelization.
Although, I much prefer Becca's origin story...

Anonymous said...

Nice one Becca.

My personal guess, having not read the Escape from New York novel, would be something like this...

Snake Plissken, when he turned 18, summoned the devil himself, and made a special deal. The devil would summon the baddest, vilest, wretched gunfighters from this, or any other galaxy. If Snake won, he would be granted immortality (not invulnerability), if the Devil's gunfighters won, Snake would go straight to hell, bypassing death. Snake, being the challenger, laid down the ground rules. He would toss a can into the air, upon it landing, that would signal his opponents to begin. He tossed it into the air, shot the gunfighters as they watched the can, then said "Draw" as it landed, and they lay defeated. The Devil realized he'd been tricked, so he tossed Snake to Asgard, home of the Norse Gods. There, Snake bargained with Odin over his eye. Snake was granted the status of God of Badassery for his eye, to replace the one Odin tossed into the well for his infinite knowledge. Upon attaining godhood, he then grabbed Thor's hammer, knocked Lodi out, and proceeded to bang Frigg. Once Odin found out, he had the Fates try to kill Snake, however, his immortality prevented this, so Odin had a specially crafted eyepatch designed. Once he recieved it, he learned that anyone who wore it could never return to the Halls of Asgard, and was immediately driven from the land of the Aesir, back to Earth.

Arkonbey said...

You win!

Simple, elegant and not one, but TWO pop culture references.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Good One...genius is always so simple isn't it? This was mine

What is the origin of Snake Plissken's eye patch? Now I could go with the obvious that its just a fake to meet chicks or that he robbed that bank in Cleavland to get the funds to complete the needed lazer surgery on that left eye and was captured before that could be completed. But no body gets all bad ass by going for Lazek treatments. I suspect that when he served his country and earned his two purple hearts - Lennigrad and Siberia he was privy to the most advanced tech any unit invading the USSR could get. Now on that Siberian mission he was equipted with special occular implant in his left eye that allowed him to master his control of the Gullfire - the silent most deadly combat glider ever created - and to recieve at the second intel while controlling both navigation and weaponry. His job was to be among the first soldiers to penetrate soviet airspace and destroy their early warning radar so that the bombers could follow and mop up. Of course in order to prevent the deadly but silent attacks from the heavens the Commies had unknowingly created targeted lazer countermeasures that were able to ferret out and disable the exact tech utilyzed by our pilots. The ocular implants were burned out rather violently after the US pilots entered a certain no fly zone. This has the effect of causing cerebral damage and death to most of the Gullfire pilots. Being the tough sum bitch that Snake is he was able to tear the tech and his left eye out of his head before being disabled or killed. Then half blind he was able to land his Gullfire, deliver his ordinance and destroy the radar facility thus allowing the bombers behind him to complete their mission objective. Wounded and a hero he thus becomes the youngest man every decorated by the President. When told that he would be recieving a citation from the President, of course he answered, "The President of what?" HEY..that is not bad. I STILL got it BITCHES!

Anonymous said...

Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool, you're not far from the novelization (went and googled it after I came up with my theory).

Becca, I'm sorry I took up your comment section to post mine, but I have no blog, and do not feel motivated to start one right now. If I ever start one, I'll let you know.

Becca said...

Aww thanks! It just kind of popped into my brain...

OH GOD! I hadn't even thought about that! He cracks me up in that movie...even if it's not really that great...

I actually didn't know that there was even a novelization! I guess it's like the Star Wars novelization with extra bits that weren't in the movie.

NICE! I love the way you tied all the Norse mythology in there! Snake should be the god of badassery!

Awww I am the reference queen...

That sounds so Carpenter! I could totally picture it all going down in my head!

That novelization sounds pretty cool!

And feel free to take up as much of the comment section as you like! Thats what its here for :) Plus you always have such interesting things to say :)

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