Thursday, March 05, 2009

My Sally Jupiter Drawings

Since Watchmen comes out this weeked I thought I'd post a couple recent Sally Jupiter drawings I recently did. I can not wait to see this movie!


Arkonbey said...

first: yum.

second: great hair! isn't 40's hair fun to draw? Your drapery is getting quite nice as well. Your technique is so solid and well-developed it's time to concentrate on making your hands as good as your hair. Rather like a triathlete who's got good endurance but needs work on his transitions.

Dash MacBastard said...

Awesome. Can't wait to see this flick!

Thomas Pluck said...

Sweet, I love your thick inking style for the outlines.

ThoughtCriminal said...


Daniel said...

A voice in the back of my head is pointing out that Sally Jupiter's flag would have 48 stars in six rows of eight each, rather than the six of five + five of four "staggered" layout of today. He's also insisting that the top and bottom stripes are always red, not white.

The other voice in the back of my head is saying, "What flag?"

Becca said...

40's hair is the best! And I'll get those ornry hands someday...someday! Thanks again for the feedback it's helped quite a lot!

Saw it last night and LOVED IT!

Thanks! I like the boldness and how it makes the figure stand out from the background.

Thank you!

Purely artistic choices I could have made the stars smaller to get the correct amount on the flag, I just thought they looked better at that size. And the stripes. I made the bottom stripe white otherwise it would have blended a bit too much with her glove. I guess I just wanted to give the flag impression rather than draw the exact thing. I suppose however one shouldn't take artistic license with something as recognizeable and beloved as a flag.

Hmmm...something to ponder. Glad you dug the drawing :)

PJ said...

I love these drawings - your Sally has great hair and succelent thighs! I saw the movie yesterday and really enjoyed it. I just noticed your new banner too, which is very cool!

Anonymous said...

Sorry it took so long to respond, but quite frankly, I've been having blood supply issues. Looking at the drawings has forced my blood away from my brain, and am only posting this by covering up the pictures.

Becca, these are sexy-awesome. Keep up the sexy-awesome pics, I will deal with my "issue."

Becca said...

Succulent thighs are indeed the best thighs! Glad you dig the new banner and YES I really enjoyed the movie too!!!

I guess I should post a blood supply loss warning or else I might face some serious law suits ;) THanks for being so cool!

Anonymous said...


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