Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nora O'Sullivan your next Fangoria spooksmodel?

The lovely Nora O'Sullivan; make-up artist, horror fan and sometimes zombie nurse, is a semi-finalist in this year's Fangoria Spooksmodel contest and she needs your help. Please go to the Fangoria Spooksmodel site and scroll down towards the bottom and vote for her! I can think of no better candidate for the job!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Becca, but I'm a sucker for redheads, and when I went there, I voted for someone else. However, if the contest were to end today, Nora's in as a finalist at #7, while the female I chose (Alexandra Roach) is just past the cutoff point at #14.

Whoever wins overall, I know who the real winners are, the fans.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I was checking out the other contestants...

Jacqueline Molen - She is by far the hottest midget/dwarf/little person I've ever seen.

Everyone else that interested me, looks-wise, sucked as a horror fan, and not in the erotic, Dracula kind of sucking, but more of the Pauly Shore kind of sucking.

And checking out most of the non-interesting looks-wise, a lot of these females seem to be goth-wannabes or models that were told about a horror competition.

SamuraiFrog said...

Reading a post asking for support for a specific contestant? Sure. Making a different choice? Personal prerogative. Coming back to the post and throwing the lack of support in the poster's face? Genuinely classy, Anonymous. Genuinely classy.

Joe said...

Alexandra Roach is a good friend of Nora's actually. She's a nice kid, but she can't be a finalist because she's too young. She and Nora are promoting each other.

Thanks for putting this up--you earn free drinks from the Compound. Vote early and often!

Anonymous said...

Why the hell does Mikki Lawless have so many votes? She's fucking UGLY and looks like she has Down Syndrome. She didn't even seem knowledgeable about horror in her answers to the questions.

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